Friday, 08 January 2021
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We ask for your opinion and assessment:

We are pleased to announce that some days ago we were able to hand over our series-ready Solar-Hybrid PCM Reefer (island solution) SUNTAINER.

Please watch the video here (90 seconds):

The production took place in technical information exchange with UNHRDlab / Brindisi

SUNTAINER is now on the way to Yemen and is to be used to set up medical stations. It works completely independently and only has a diesel generator integrated for redundancy reason.
The entire system works with 48 volts direct current.
In this model we have installed shelves and a pharmaceutical refrigerator for vaccine storage:

GCS 2020 156

In an 8-month testing phase here in Germany (over summer and up to +40 ° C) we were able to determine that we produce a lot more electricity than we need for the container.

In general, we have calculated the Reefer for ambient temperatures up to + 55 ° C.

We would like to know your opinion:
What locations do you see for the SUNTAINER?
Does a version as a 20 “reefer make sense?
How much power should be generated? Should an entire medical station be supplied?
What technical equipment/Variation (medical technology, field pharmacy,water treatment, ice production, etc.) would be helpful?

Some of our ideas you will find in the attached short information
Please add further questions and ideas to our thoughts.

We would like to learn from you and your field experience.
Thank you for interest and looking forward to an intensive exchange of ideas

kind regards
Thorsten Hanl
GCS mobile solutions GmbH
Hamburg, Germany

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