1. Diana Chang Blanc
  2. Programme management
  3. Thursday, 03 June 2021

Dear All:

With thanks to all who contributed, the NDVP version 2.0 is now on-line and can be found at: https://www.who.int/publications/i/item/WHO-2019-nCoV-Vaccine-deployment-2021.1-eng

The updated (second) version of the WHO-UNICEF “Guidance on developing a national deployment and vaccination plan (NDVP)” for COVID-19 vaccines. This version supersedes the previous version published in 16 November 2020. New information has been added on the following areas:

  • the COVID-19 Partners Platform;
  • the use of COVID-19 simulation exercises to test deployment strategies;
  • the indemnity agreement and no-fault compensation programme for vaccines secured through the COVAX Facility in the Advance Market Commitment (AMC) eligible economies;
  • the availability and use of the WHO-UNICEF COVID-19 Vaccine Introduction and deployment Costing (CVIC) tool;
  • the COVAX Facility’s humanitarian buffer that enables allocation of vaccine to cover high-risk populations in humanitarian settings;
  • recommendations for vaccination of pregnant and lactating women;
  • supplementary information on infection prevention and control (IPC) measures to be used to deliver COVID-19 vaccines safely;
  • the WHO licensed COVID-19 vaccines product-specific information;
  • use of geospatial data and digital micro plans for equitable access and delivery of COVID-19 vaccines;
  • lessons learned from the development of NDVPs and early experiences in COVID-19 vaccine deployment in countries; and
  • updated additional resources at the end of each chapter.

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