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20th Oct, 2020 3:00PM


20th Oct, 2020 4:00PM

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As the impact of COVID-19 continues to disrupt immunisation services, reaching underserved communities and zero dose children has become more critical than ever. In a bid to assist countries with practical solutions to reach these children through necessary adaptations in iSC interventions, this session looks at the ERG-identified challenges in the diverse settings of Remote rural, Urban poor and Conflict areas and then identifies the most likely immunization program operational strategies to overcome these challenges. Each of these operational strategies and adaptations are discussed in terms of the iSC implications, challenges and opportunities. Michelle Seidel from UNICEF HQ introduces the topic and provides some context to the challenges. Her presentation is followed by practical country strategies in Afghanistan, Nigeria and Pakistan jointly presented by MoH and UNICEF.

Moderator: Srihari Dutta (UNICEF ROSA) 


Ahmadu Yakubu (UNICEF);

Michelle Seidl (UNICEF);

Ranjit Dhiman (UNICEF);

Eshioramhe Kelobo (UNICEF);

Kibura Daradara (NPHCDA)

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