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5th Oct, 2022 9:00AM


6th Oct, 2022 5:00PM

Event Description:

Regional NITAG Network Meeting Guatemala (Credit: WHO/PAHO Guatemala)The First Meeting of the Regional National Immunization Technical Advisory Group (NITAG) Network of the America was held in Antigua, Guatemala on 5-6 October 2022. It was attended by 115 participants from across 22 countries including NITAG presidents and members and Expanded Program on Immunization managers. 

The meeting’s main objectives were the following: 

  • Launch the Regional NITAG Network;
  • Strengthen NITAG performance;
  • Train participants in the Grading of Recommendations Assessment, Development and Evaluation (GRADE) Framework and on how to review scientific evidence for the formulation of recommendations; 
  • Discuss the processes for evidence-based decision making on immunization issues, 
  • Share lessons learned from NITAGs in the Region.

The main next steps from the meeting are:  

  • Develop a short-term action plan;            
  • Promote a legal basis for countries that do not have one;
  • Encourage diversity of expertise among NITAG members;
  • Strengthen capacities in formulating and adapting evidence-informed recommendations and implementation strategies;
  • Increase transparency among NITAGs, the public and stakeholders by centralizing communication;
  • Exchange experiences and lessons learned in real time;
  • Encourage twinning;
  • Develop digital knowledge translation tools and resources;
  • Secure funding for NITAG activities and human resources in EPIs;
  •  Increase education opportunities in vaccines and vaccination,
  • Participate in the Global NITAG Network (GNN).


Photo: Regional NITAG Network Meeting Guatemala (Credit: WHO/PAHO-M.Rondy)

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