Geo-enabling the Health Information System, programs or interventions training workshop for Asia Pacific - session 1

This is the first session of a webinar series hosted by UNICEF East Asia Pacific Regional Office with support from TechNet-21. Learn how to benefit from geospatial data and technologies to strengthen health systems by geo-enabling the health information system, programs or interventions.

UNICEF’s strategic approach is centered on supporting governments to scale-up a comprehensive set of actions for children using robust geospatial methodologies to operationalize specific applications of geospatial data and technologies for health programs. This can improve the effectiveness of the government- prioritized planned interventions in countries. The webinar series contributes to this effort by introducing the concept and process behind the geo-enablement of the health information system, programs or interventions in countries.

Key objectives for this training workshop:

- Demonstrate the potential of geospatial data and technologies in public health

- Introduce the HIS geo-enabling framework and its implementation in countries

- Transfer knowledge, expertise and resources that will allow participants to implement the HIS geo-enabling framework in their respective country

The webinar was presented by technical experts from UNICEF and Mahidol Oxford Tropical Medicine Research Unit’s Health GeoLab Hub.



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