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  3. Thursday, 11 August 2016

Dear Colleagues,

JSI is pleased to announce a new publication in the Getting Products to People series:
For years, experts in the field working on strengthening supply chains to support public health programs have emphasizedthe importance of the private sector role in extending the reach and improving the performance of the supply chainsthat serve the public with the health products they need. The private sector has often been deemed thesolutionto efficiency challenges and improving value for money.JSI has extensive experience working on designing private sector solutions that work in both low and middle income countries. We have found that although the private sector is definitely part of the solution, there are many models that work and extensive privatization is not necessarily always the panacea to our supply chain problems.We determine it will take anuanced approachto building agile supply chains and strong and sustainable healthcare marketplaces to meet our universal health coverage goals. This will include the private sector but does not presuppose full health sector privatization. The public will always need to serve as a good steward for public health and equitable access to products and services.It is strong, visionary supply chain leaders who will design and oversee supply chains that work and leverage the capacity of the private sector to help in these endeavors.

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