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  3. Friday, 07 October 2016

UNICEF is pleased to announce the availability on-line of the “Measles Control in Emergency Settings - (MCES)” course module under the Immunization e-Learning Initiative. This module is an ideal introduction for anyone with interest in immersing themselves in the theory and practicalities of immunization and particularly Measles in the humanitarian emergency context. It is intended to assist public health practitioners to align their knowledge with and be up-to-date on the latest immunization methods and protocols.

MCES course is highly user friendly, illustrated, engaging and flexible, and consists of sub-modules covering

- measles epidemiology during emergencies,

- risk assessment and outbreak investigations.

- planning, management and monitoring of mass vaccination campaigns.

Once a user has completed the first basic sub-module, subsequent ones can be taken in any order of preference and users can start and stop without losing progression. It includes a certificate of completion at the end. MCES is available both in English and French.

Access starts with registration as a guest at (Enter “immunization” in the search window to locate the course).

English version:

French version:


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