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POST 00541E : FIRST EVER DEBATE BETWEEN WHO DIRECTOR GENERAL CANDIDATES 19 January 2003 _______________________________________________________________________________ Allan Bass (mailto:[log in to unmask]) and Robert Steinglass (mailto:[log in to unmask]) are informing us of this important event, a live debate between candidates to the post of Director General of WHO. In the hope that many members who wish to do so will be able to follow this historic debate. _______________________________________________________________________________ WHO DG candidates go head-to-head in live debate __________________________________________ Sunday 19 January, 14.00 to 16.00 GMT [see below for corresponding times in your country] Candidates for the top post in world health ­ the Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO) - will participate on Sunday 19 January 2003 in a two-hour question and answer session open to the public and linked across the world via video and teleconferencing. The session will take place between 14.00 to 16.00 GMT (see below for corresponding times in your country). The eight candidates for the position, in alphabetical order, include: (1) Awa Marie Coll-Seck, Health Minister of Senegal. She is a medical professor and former policy director at UNAIDS; (2) Julio Frenk, Health Minister of Mexico and a public health expert. He was centrally involved in developing a tool for measuring the global burden of disease. (3) Karam Karam, a former Health Minister of Lebanon. (4) Jong Wook Lee, a doctor from South Korea, head of WHO's programme to stop tuberculosis. (5) Pascoal Manuel Mocumbi, Prime Minister of Mozambique and formerly his country's Minister of Health. (6) Peter Piot, head of UNAIDS, a Belgian epidemiologist and microbiologist who originally made his name as one of the doctors who helped isolate the Ebola virus. (7) Ismail Sallam, a professor of cardiac surgery who was until recently Egypt's Minster of Health and Population. (8) Joseph Williams, a medical doctor and parliamentarian and formerly Prime Minister of the Cook Islands. ‘This is a unique opportunity for health ministers, civil society organisations and others with an interest in health to ask candidates to address publicly the critical issues in global health today’, said Andrew Chetley, Director of Exchange ­ a networking and learning programme that promotes effective health communication. The videoconference will be broadcast on the Internet ­ go to: to either listen (low bandwidth) or view (high bandwidth) the event. A facility on the website will enable people to e-mail questions directly to the event in Geneva. NOTE: Anyone who would like to submit comments or questions for the candidates may do so using mailto:[log in to unmask] . Any questions or comments not addressed and read out at the debate itself will be presented to the candidate chosen by the Executivce Board the following week and he / she will be asked to respond to them prior to the World Health Assembly in May. The answers to these will then be posted online at for discussion with all. The videoconference will also be broadcast globally via the WorldSpace satellite system ­ a unique technology that allows access to areas of the world with no internet access or telecommunications infrastructure and will be rebroadcast throughout Brazil by Canal Saude. The candidates will be asked a series of questions from audiences in Geneva and around the world. International links will include the Nelson Mandela School of Medicine and the Medical Research Council in South Africa, the World Bank Institute and the George Washington University in the USA, Canal Saude (Health Channel) in Brazil, and health experts in Ethiopia, India, Japan and Sweden. For further information, please contact: mailto:[log in to unmask] Or Andrew Chetley, Exchange, +44 20 7539 1591 mailto:[log in to unmask] Dr. Harry McConnell, Interactive Health Network mailto:[log in to unmask] The event is being organized by the Interactive Health Network’s World Health Channel and supported by Exchange and the NGO Forum for Health. Other co-sponsors include: the International eHealth Association, Canal Saude, (Brazil’s health channel), the Global Health Council, the People’s Health Movement, the Academy of International Health Philanthropy, the International Hospital Federation, Healthlink Worldwide, Medact, Panos Institute (London), and the International People’s Health Council. Commercial sponsors include: World Space, Direct Visual and V-Span _________________________________________________________ National/regional times corresponding to 14.00 GMT on Sunday 19th January: Afghanistan: Kabul: Sun 18:30 Algeria: Algiers: Sun 15:00 Argentina: Buenos Aires: Sun 11:00 Australia: Australian Capital Territory: Canberra: Mon 01:00 Australia: New South Wales: Sydney: Mon 01:00 Australia: Northern Territory: Darwin: Sun 23:30 Australia: Queensland: Brisbane: Mon 00:00 Australia: South Australia: Adelaide: Mon 00:30 Australia: Victoria: Melbourne: Mon 01:00 Australia: Western Australia: Perth: Sun 22:00 Austria: Vienna: Sun 15:00 Bahamas: Nassau: Sun 09:00 Bangladesh: Dhaka: Sun 20:00 Belarus: Minsk: Sun 16:00 Belgium: Brussels: Sun 15:00 Bolivia: La Paz: Sun 10:00 Brazil: Distrito Federal: Brasilia: Sun 12:00 Brazil: Rio de Janeiro: Rio de Janeiro: Sun 12:00 Brazil: São Paulo: Sao Paulo: Sun 12:00 Bulgaria: Sofia: Sun 16:00 Canada: Alberta: Edmonton: Sun 07:00 Canada: Brit. Columbia: Vancouver: Sun 06:00 Canada: Manitoba: Winnipeg: Sun 08:00 Canada: Newfoundland: St. John's: Sun 10:30 Canada: Northwest Territories: Aklavik: Sun 07:00 Canada: Nova Scotia: Halifax: Sun 10:00 Canada: Ontario: Ottawa: Sun 09:00 Canada: Ontario: Toronto: Sun 09:00 Canada: Quebec: Montreal: Sun 09:00 Chile: Santiago: Sun 11:00 China: Beijing: Sun 22:00 China: Hong Kong: Sun 22:00 China: Shanghai: Sun 22:00 Colombia: Bogota: Sun 09:00 Croatia: Zagreb: Sun 15:00 Cuba: Havana: Sun 09:00 Czech Republic: Prague: Sun 15:00 Denmark: Copenhagen: Sun 15:00 Dominican Republic: Santo Domingo: Sun 10:00 Egypt: Cairo: Sun 16:00 El Salvador: San Salvador: Sun 08:00 Estonia: Tallinn: Sun 16:00 Ethiopia: Addis Ababa: Sun 17:00 Fiji: Suva: Mon 02:00 Finland: Helsinki: Sun 16:00 France: Paris: Sun 15:00 Germany: Berlin: Berlin: Sun 15:00 Germany: Hessen: Frankfurt: Sun 15:00 Greece: Athens: Sun 16:00 Guatemala: Guatemala: Sun 08:00 Honduras: Tegucigalpa: Sun 08:00 Hungary: Budapest: Sun 15:00 Iceland: Reykjavik: Sun 14:00 India: Kolkata: Sun 19:30 India: Mumbai: Sun 19:30 India: New Delhi: Sun 19:30 Indonesia: Java: Jakarta: Sun 21:00 Iran: Tehran: Sun 17:30 Iraq: Baghdad: Sun 17:00 Ireland: Dublin: Sun 14:00 Israel: Jerusalem: Sun 16:00 Italy: Rome: Sun 15:00 Jamaica: Kingston: Sun 09:00 Japan: Tokyo: Sun 23:00 Jordan: Amman: Sun 16:00 Kenya: Nairobi: Sun 17:00 Kiribati: Christmas Islands: Kiritimati: Mon 04:00 Kuwait: Kuwait City: Sun 17:00 Lebanon: Beirut: Sun 16:00 Madagascar: Antananarivo: Sun 17:00 Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur: Sun 22:00 Mexico: Mexico City: Sun 08:00 Morocco: Casablanca: Sun 14:00 Myanmar: Rangoon: Sun 20:30 Nepal: Kathmandu: Sun 19:45 Netherlands: Amsterdam: Sun 15:00 New Zealand: Chatham Island: Mon 03:45 New Zealand: Wellington: Mon 03:00 Nicaragua: Managua: Sun 08:00 Nigeria: Lagos: Sun 15:00 Norway: Oslo: Sun 15:00 Pakistan: Islamabad: Sun 19:00 Pakistan: Karachi: Sun 19:00 Pakistan: Lahore: Sun 19:00 Paraguay: Asuncion: Sun 11:00 Peru: Lima: Sun 09:00 Philippines: Manila: Sun 22:00 Poland: Warsaw: Sun 15:00 Portugal: Lisbon: Sun 14:00 Puerto Rico: San Juan: Sun 10:00 Romania: Bucharest: Sun 16:00 Russia: Anadyr: Mon 02:00 Russia: Kamchatka: Mon 02:00 Russia: Moscow: Sun 17:00 Russia: Vladivostok: Mon 00:00 Saudi Arabia: Riyadh: Sun 17:00 Singapore: Singapore: Sun 22:00 South Africa: Cape Town: Sun 16:00 South Africa: Johannesburg: Sun 16:00 South Korea: Seoul: Sun 23:00 Spain: Barcelona: Sun 15:00 Spain: Madrid: Sun 15:00 Sudan: Khartoum: Sun 17:00 Sweden: Stockholm: Sun 15:00 Switzerland: Geneva: Sun 15:00 Switzerland: Zürich: Sun 15:00 Taiwan: Taipei: Sun 22:00 Thailand: Bangkok: Sun 21:00 Turkey: Ankara: Sun 16:00 Turkey: Istanbul: Sun 16:00 U.S.A.: Alabama: Montgomery: Sun 08:00 U.S.A.: Alaska: Anchorage: Sun 05:00 U.S.A.: Arizona: Phoenix: Sun 07:00 U.S.A.: California: Los Angeles: Sun 06:00 U.S.A.: California: San Francisco: Sun 06:00 U.S.A.: Colorado: Denver: Sun 07:00 U.S.A.: District of Columbia: Washington DC: Sun 09:00 U.S.A.: Georgia: Atlanta: Sun 09:00 U.S.A.: Hawaii: Honolulu: Sun 04:00 U.S.A.: Illinois: Chicago: Sun 08:00 U.S.A.: Indiana: Indianapolis: Sun 09:00 U.S.A.: Louisiana: New Orleans: Sun 08:00 U.S.A.: Massachusetts: Boston: Sun 09:00 U.S.A.: Michigan: Detroit: Sun 09:00 U.S.A.: Minnesota: Minneapolis: Sun 08:00 U.S.A.: Minnesota: St. Paul: Sun 08:00 U.S.A.: New York: New York: Sun 09:00 U.S.A.: Pennsylvania: Philadelphia: Sun 09:00 U.S.A.: Texas: Houston: Sun 08:00 U.S.A.: Washington: Seattle: Sun 06:00 Ukraine: Kyiv: Sun 16:00 Ukraine: Odesa: Sun 16:00 Uruguay: Montevideo: Sun 11:00 Uzbekistan: Tashkent: Sun 19:00 Venezuela: Caracas: Sun 10:00 Vietnam: Hanoi: Sun 21:00 Yemen: Aden: Sun 17:00 Yugoslavia: Serbia: Belgrade: Sun 15:00 Zimbabwe: Harare: Sun 16:00 ______________________________________________________________________________ Visit the TECHNET21 Website at You will find instructions to subscribe, a direct access to archives, links to reference documents and other features. ______________________________________________________________________________ To UNSUBSCRIBE, send a message to : mailto:[log in to unmask] Leave the subject area BLANK In the message body, write unsubscribe TECHNET21E ______________________________________________________________________________ The World Health Organization and UNICEF support TechNet21. The TechNet21 e-Forum is a communication/information tool for generation of ideas on how to improve immunization services. It is moderated by Claude Letarte and is hosted in cooperation with the Centre de coopération internationale en santé et développement, Québec, Canada ( ______________________________________________________________________________

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