European Regional Workshop on Immunization Legislation

The Sabin Vaccine Institute, in collaboration with international partners and the Government of Georgia, organized a Workshop on Immunization Legislation that gathered the three European countries of Sabin’s Sustainable Immunization Financing Program (SIF), Armenia, Georgia and Moldova, in Tbilisi, Georgia,on 1-2 March 2017. Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance has previously described political will as “high-level political commitment to build and sustain national (or sub-national) immunization programmes that ensure the full range of appropriate vaccines reach all of the targeted population.” This principle, a guiding pillar of immunization program ownership, was key in workshop preparations and discussions. The goal of the conference was to assist the participating countries in developing specific action-based plans that would support the sustainability of the national immunization programs in the three European transitioning countries through legislative and advocacy-based approaches.

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