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World Immunization Week 2021

Dear immunization professionals, World Immunization Week (WIW) 2021 is around the corner (24 to 30 April)! The theme ‘Vaccines bring us closer’, has been chosen to urge

COVID-19 Vaccination webinar #2: Health workers and interpersonal communications for COVID-19 vaccination

The Access to COVID-19 Tools (ACT) Accelerator’s 

Covid-19 vaccine introduction new Telegram channels

Dear colleagues,  TechNet-21 is pleased to invite you to two new Telegram channels supporting regions, countries, and partners in preparing for COVID-19 vaccine introduction. In these

Telegram groups in EN and FR for immunization professionals

Dear colleagues, Do you use the Telegram app on your phone or desktop? TechNet-21 just created 2 Telegram groups, one in English and one in French, where immunization professionals can enjo

All TechNet Conference slides and recordings now online

Missed a presentation at the TechNet Conference last month? Want to watch one again or need to contact a presenter? Good news: resources for all presentations at the 16th TechNet Conference are now

TechNet Conference agenda now online

Good news: the Planning Committee have finalised the program for the TechNet Conference and the full agenda is now available on the TechNet Conference page.

Sabin's Boost Community Announces Call for Stories of Resourcefulness, Adaptability & Resilience

Dear Colleagues, The Boost Community is excited to launch the second call for Bright Spots - stories of grassroots-driven process improvement in routine immunization service delivery at the

Vx Data Insights Webinar #4: How WhatsApp is transforming communications within the Kenyan healthcare system

Vx Data Insights Webinar #4: How WhatsApp is transforming communications within the Kenyan healthcare system July 30, 2020, 9:30 a.m. EST / 3:30 p.m. CEST (Geneva)

European Immunization Week 2020

The WHO European Region celebrates European Immunization Week (EIW) on 20-26 April to raise awareness of the importance of immunization in preventing diseases and protecting life. This message is e

Webinar on developing effective data visualizations

The aim of this webinar is to encourage and support effective communication of data related to vaccine-preventable diseases, vaccines and immunization. The presenters will provide suggestions and i

Brief description, uses, tools (survey protocols, preparing for survey, conducting the survey, data analysis, conclusions), and operations of a KAP survey.

A KAP document for health workers describing the decision points and the pros and cons of various choices at different stages of planning, implementing, and using study findings. Includes question guides, job descriptions and practical aids, and a...

Report that outlines the findings from the study on COVID-19 vaccine demand promotion drawing on the qualitative data gathered from Ethiopia, Rwanda, South Africa and South Sudan,Report that outlines the findings from the study on COVID-19 vaccine...

The page provides ways of tacking vaccine inequity by promoting demand for immunization through social listening. It also provides other resources relevant to the topic,The page provides ways of tacking vaccine inequity by promoting demand for...

Ukraine: Increasing demand of Covid-19 vaccine through training of healthcare professionals to be champions of the vaccine among their peers

Tanzania: Promoting access and mitigating barriers to COVID-19 vaccination amongst older people

Vietnam: Hearing and addressing people's Covid-19 vaccine-related concerns in Viet Nam

Tanzania: Use of event-based vaccination to increase Covid-19 vaccination

Solomon Islands: Increasing Covid-19 vaccine demand through transferring knowledge and promoting community-led actions

Nigeria: Evaluating the use of co-created messages and trusted messengers to improve COVID-19 vaccine acceptance in Northern Nigeria​

Nigeria: Covid-19 vaccination learnings and best practices

Malawi: Redcross in partnership with Katikati using 2-way SMS communication to address rumours, gather insight and support communities

Ghana: Use of an online communication campaign to address vaccine hesitancy caused by misinformation from social media

Fiji: Use of social listening to improve vaccine messaging and increase vaccine demand

Ethiopia: Enhanced advocacy and social mobilization and use of mixed service delivery strategies to increase uptake of COVID-19 vaccination in an urban setting

Ethiopia: Ethiopia Red Cross Society Covid-19 immunization response

Cote d'Ivoire:Using rumor management system data to develop adaptive COVID- 19 vaccination strategies

Cote d'ivoire: Innovative and effective strategies of enhancing vaccine confidence and uptake and risk communication and community engagement with an emphasis on high-risk and vulnerable groups​

Cameroon: Reaching the most vulnerable communities through community dialogue and community plannning

Burkina Faso: Innovative ways of reaching Covid-19 vaccine targets

Burkina Faso: Awareness campaign to promote vaccination against COVID-19 with Reggae singer Sana Bob​

Burkina Faso: Awareness campaign to promote vaccination against COVID-19 with Reggae singer Sana Bob​

Burkina Faso: Awareness campaign to promote vaccination against COVID-19 with Reggae singer Sana Bob​

Burkina Faso: Jhpiego support to Covid-19 vaccination

Syria: Bringing the service closer to communities and reducing vaccine hesitancy

Cote d'Ivoire: Risk communication stakeholders need access to timely, focused information on public sentiment and rumors

Bangladesh: Using trusted voices to reach vaccine-resistant groups

This guidebook supports the use of the behavioural and social drivers (BeSD) tools to understand what drives uptake of vaccines. It is intended for immunization programme managers and others collecting, analysing and using data for vaccine programme...

L’égalité des genres constitue un droit fondamental de l’être humain et un puissant moteur pour améliorer les résultats sanitaires dans le monde entier. Les interventions de vaccination ne parviendront à augmenter la couverture vaccinale...

In this webinar, the team takes you through their learnings about the use of WhatsApp as an informal data sharing tool. Through key insights and illustrative examples, they describe how this app is used for real-time data sharing to help make...

The introduction of COVID-19 vaccines happens in the context of overall pandemic response, often including staff that has not worked in immunization before. This implementation tool serves as a bridge between risk communication and community...

Webinaire 4: Données pour la communication (Formation de certification niveau 2 de l'OMS)

Cette ressource a été élaborée pour faciliter le développement de plans d’action nationaux stratégiques et bien coordonnés afin de contrer rapidement la désinformation sur les vaccins et d’encourager la demande de vaccination...

This manual was developed to support countries in effectively responding to events which may erode the public’s trust in vaccines and the authorities that deliver them. In addition, a small section of this manual focuses on how to best prepare for...

To support the introduction of the COVID-19 vaccine, the World Health Organization and its partners developed an interactive virtual learning initiative through which vaccination stakeholders could receive the latest guidance, ask questions, and...

Listening to people’s views and concerns about immuni- sation in broadcast, social media and other forms of com- munication is an important step in understanding how to encourage more people to be vaccinated. Finding the Signal through the Noise:...

The Health Worker Communication for COVID-19 Vaccination Flow Diagram supports health workers by outlining key steps and messages to communicate during a COVID-19 vaccination session.

Fact sheet for HPV vaccine introduction in Tanzania

Banner for HPV vaccine introduction in Senegal

Flyer for HPV vaccine introduction in Senegal

HPV vaccine introduction posters from Senegal

HPV vaccine introduction communication plan for Senegal

Tire cover communication material for HPV vaccination program in Tanzania

Leaflet for HPV vaccination program in Tanzania

Banner used during HPV vaccination program in Tanzania

Poster for HPV vaccine introduction

Advocacy, communication and social mobilization communication plan for HPV vaccine introduction in Tanzania

Tanzania rolling advocacy, communication, and social mobilization strategy. (DRAFT)

Communication materials developed for cohort 1 and cohort 2. Also available in Shona and Ndebele.

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