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  1. Géraldine Nemrod
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  3. Thursday, 01 April 2021

You can already register to the next session of the Webinar series for National/subnational Focal Points on COVID-19 Vaccination: Planning and Implementation

Topic: Vaccination strategies for COVID-19 vaccination

When: 6 April (12-1PM CET)


You can find all the information regarding the previous webinar sessions here:

These webinars are brought to you by the Access to COVID-19 Tools (ACT) Accelerator’s Country Readiness and Delivery (CRD) workstream, Project ECHO, Boost, TechNet-21, and the COVID-19 Vaccine Equity Project.

Géraldine Nemrod Accepted Answer

Answers to all questions asked during the webinar session and in the two Telegram channels have now been provided by the session presenters. The full Q&A has been consolidated into a single document that can be found here:

These are the questions that have been answered:

  • What are you planning to do to improve the capacity of health facilities in the face of the challenges indicated in your presentation (Uganda)?
  • According to the presentation about Uganda, HIV as a comorbidity doesn't increase the risk of severe form of COVID-19. Is it true regardless of the CD4 level?
  • Why is it that people with asthma and HIV are less at risk to die from COVID-19, despite these conditions having more impact on the respiratory system than diabetes or hypertension?
  • I wonder if it is advisable to follow up the children of mothers vaccinated during pregnancy because the data presented refer to the time of delivery.
  • How to identify and mobilize these target population for vaccination? Especially with comorbidities and elderly, particularly in the Low and Middle Income Countries with fragile health systems?
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Géraldine Nemrod Accepted Answer

Hi everyone,

The recording of the webinar on Vaccination strategies for COVID-19 vaccination is now available in three languages here:

- English

- Spanish

- French 

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