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UNICEF supports countries in achieving their national immunization goals. The achievement of these goals depend on having strong Immunization Supply Chains Management (ISCM) systems in place that are routinely assessed and improved through the comprehensive Effective Vaccine Management Assessment. The objectives for ISCM are to achieve adequate supply for every immunization session without temperature damage and at the lowest possible cost per fully immunized child.

To achieve these objectives the country’s immunization programme needs strong cold chain equipment management systems and also need dedicated capacity at all levels of the country to maintain and expand the cold chain and to adopt new innovative cold chain technology that is more robust with lower operating costs.

Many countries have expressed demand for technical assistance for comprehensive planning and upgrading and expanding their cold chain system so that they are aligned with their coverage and equity goals. Furthermore countries have requested support to choose the most optimal and appropriate technology that is aligned with the country context. UNICEF and partners have worked with the GAVI Alliance to establish the GAVI Cold Chain Optimization Platform (CCEOP) that provides financing to countries to ensure adequate and optimal cold chain capacity is available at subnational level to help achieve the programmatic coverage and equity objectives. It will also help countries to accelerate the deployment of higher-performing technologies that have lower operating costs.

This priority also aligns with the strategic goals of the WHO and UNICEF immunization supply chain Hub to strengthen the capacity of countries and to intensify and coordinate efforts to catalyse immunization supply chains improvements through the comprehensive EVM process.


The purpose of this announcement is to establish a pre-screened Experts Pool of Supply Chain Specialist in Cold Chain Equipment management and Temperature Monitoring and Control that can be deployed on as needs basis. These experts are expected to work in close collaboration with UNICEF Programme Division, Supply Division, WHO, Regional and Country Offices and other external partners (such as CHAI, PATH, AMP, JSI,…) in providing technical assistance and applying latest guidance, tools and methods at country level to strengthen the country’s cold chain equipment management system. Tasks include to support the process of conducting national cold chain inventories that can be updated regularly, developing and supporting the implementation of rehabilitation and expansion plans; preventative and corrective maintenance plan; cold chain equipment deployment and installation plans. In addition, qualified experts from this pool may be tasked to help the national counterpart to prepare Cold Chain Equipment Optimization Platform (CCEOP) application submission, work with partners in improving and updating global guidance, tools, methods and capacity building efforts including supporting countries to establish or strengthen National Logistics Working Group (NLWG).

In particular the consultant will:

(a) Support countries by providing technical assistance to improve the cold chain equipment management systems and implement priorities as identified through the EVM process and to support the application to and implementation of GAVI Cold Chain Optimization Platform that is aligned with country plans (cMYP, EVM improvement plans, GAVI HSS). Support also includes prepare and review documentations of CCEOP applications if required and as requested by the Ministry of Health.

(b) Review, update and develop guidance, tools and methods for cold chain equipment management in collaboration with the stakeholders.

(c) Develop training materials and implement trainings for cold chain equipment management including CCEOP application processes in the role of “subject matter expert”.

(d) Undertake studies to measure impact of iSC interventions such as CCEOP but not limited to it on coverage and equity.

(e) Support countries to establish NLWG or strengthen it if already exist and weak in order to ensure national ownership of all planned activities.

(f) Conduct studies/research and generate evidence to document best practices in improving iSCM.

(g) Conduct cost benefit analysis of innovative solutions such as adoption CTC vaccines.

Expected results (based on country needs):

Based on country needs, the consultant should be able to provide appropriate technical support in the following three (3) categories. Applicants are advised to indicate in which technical areas below they are applying. They can select all these three areas or can opt only one depending on their expertise:

Technical Area1: Cold Chain Equipment Management (CCEM)

· Support and/or coordinate part or the whole CCEOP process as per Gavi CCEOP application 2017 guidance

  • Cold chain inventory and its report
  • Rehabilitation plan
  • Maintenance plan
  • CCE deployment plan
  • Segmentation of health facilities

· Provide support at the country level to complete the CCEOP application form and budget to the highly acceptable level

· Support the country for CCEOP equipment deployment and implementation processes

Technical Area 2: Temperature Monitoring and Control (TMC)

· Conduct a temperature mapping study in the vaccine cold rooms in selected countries using WHO tool (protocol, training, data analysis) and build national capacity to conduct future studies

· Coordinate a temperature monitoring study in the vaccine distribution routes in selected countries using the WHO protocol and the UNICEF guide (temperature monitoring handbook) and build national capacity to conduct future studies

· Support the development and deployment of guidance, training materials and SOPs to ensure adoption and sustained use of the system by health workers and managers

Technical Area 3: Other Immunization Supply Chain Catalytic activities and studies

· Undertake studies to measure impact of iSC interventions such as CCEOP but not limited to it on coverage and equity.

· Support countries to establish NLWG or if exist and weak strengthen it to ensure national ownership of all planned activities.

· Conduct studies/research and generate evidence to document best practices in improving iSCM.

· Conduct cost benefit analysis of innovative solutions such as adoption CTC vaccines.

Duty Station

Remote with trips as requested by the countries among UNICEF Headquarters, Regional Offices and Country Offices. May vary depending on deployment.

Timeframe: The Expert Pool will be valid for a year from its establishment. Start date: 1 August 2017 End date: 31 July 2018

Mid - Senior Level


· Strong analytical, oral & written communication skills

· Proven track record in project management with the emphasis on planning, budgeting and reporting

· Effective presenter including ability to adapt the message and visual aids for multiple audiences to deliver concise, impactful presentations

· Effective facilitator with proven ability to engage and train a group of individuals (through an interpreter if necessary)

· Demonstrated ability to work in a multi-cultural environment

· Demonstrated ability to work in a team

Technical skills and knowledge on some or all of the following

· Proven experience working in multi-stakeholder and multi-cultural settings

· Experience in developing inventories and cold chain rehabilitation and expansion plans at country level

· Experience in writing complex funding proposals, developing multi-year budgets and operational plans for cold chain equipment management and temperature monitoring devices

· Experience in training, planning and delivery of technical assistance

· Proven track record in interfacing with national ministries of health

· Proficiency in WHO PQS-listed cold chain equipment

· Experience and knowledge on the Gavi CCE OP application documents and process

· Proficiency in the development of technical SOPs for cold chain equipment management is an advantage

Work experience on some or all of the following

· An Advanced University Degree in public health or other health related area or social sciences is desired.

· Demonstrated solid experience in development of the Gavi CCE OP, temperature monitoring studies.

· At least 3-5 years of experience in international public health programme with experience in resource-limited environments

· Experience of EVM assessment and cIP development in at least one country outside his/her country of residence is an advantage

· Must have experience in conducting cold chain equipment inventory outside his/her country of residence

· Experience in temperature monitoring systems implementation, and studies

· Experience in SOP adaptation support outside his/her country of residence


· Fluency in written and spoken either English or French is required. Proficiency in Arabic language is highly desired. Knowledge of local languages is an added value.

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  1. https://www.unicef.org/about/employ/?job=505640
Muhammad Accepted Answer

Dear All, 

Greetings from Pakistan 

We here in Pakistan have very strong eco system for immunizations supply chain with pool of experts and equipment along the with end to end management system.


Muhammad Tanveer



0092 321 95 90 775 

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Nay Myo Thu Accepted Answer

Dear Sir,


I do want to be registered in the pool.


Please find attached CV.





Nay Myo Thu

Health Officer-UCI

Yong Child Survival and Development Section

United Nations Children’s Fund

No.23-A, Inya Myaing Road

Shwe Taung Gyar Ward (2)

Bahan Township

Yangon, 11201, Myanmar


Telephone: (95) 1230-5960-69 Ext: 1450

Fascilime:   (95) 1230-5956

Mobile; (95) 9 2543175648


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Shobhana Accepted Answer

Hello all, please ensure to reduce the size of each attachment not larger than 5mb. There is no restriction on countries for applying. We will bring it to DHR's attention if there is any technical glitch in the system.

Thank you. 

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James Cheyne Accepted Answer


Thank you for opening up this opportunity again.

I was unable to complete the questionnaire the first time since the UK is not listed as one of the countries where candidates are allowed to come from. I know that the UK is having an identity crisis at the moment but it seems a bit severe to exclude all UK candidates. Incidentally, candidates from the USA are also excluded - I will make no comment to make on that.

After I solved that one, I was not able to attach my final degree certificate since I completed my major qualification 47 years ago and the certificate is long lost.

Finally, my third application has just been rejected since some of my education fields were left incomplete. All my formal education courses except perhaps two, Johns Hopkins School of Public Heath and the Stanford Business School, have little relevance for UNICEF consulting. I just have 40 years’ experience in vaccine cold chain and logistics

I would still like to be registered, if possible, please.

Many thanks

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Shobhana Accepted Answer

Dear interested service providers,

Based on the several requests received, the ISCM Experts Pool announcement has been reopened for a very short period. Please apply through the link below by 25 August 2017. Ensure to quote your daily rate in the application. For those who have already applied to this announcement in June 2017 do not need to reapply.


Terms of Reference remains the same, however, the start date of the experts pool has been shifted to October 2017.



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Soren Spanner Accepted Answer
Count me in Sent from my iPhone Best regards Søren Spanner
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William Msirikale Accepted Answer

Thank you for planning this important iSCM Expert Pool.

Kindly, I will be glad to be registered in the Expert pool.

I'm a National Cold Chain and logistics officer working with the Ministry of Health (Immunization and Vaccine development Programme) for 10 years.

My education level: Master in Public Health (MPH)

Your consideration will be highly appreciated.

Best regards

William Msirikale
Immunization and Vaccines Development Programme
P.O. Box 9083
Mobile Tel. +255 756 775112
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Shobhana Accepted Answer

Good point. As it is a Pool of Experts, applicants can state that the travel cost to be determined once the country of deployment is confirmed with the hiring office based on the specific country TOR.

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Kshem Prasad Accepted Answer

The ToR is very interesting, challenging and inviting.

Note that the application requires the submission of a financial proposal. However, this is not possible as there are several unknows: duty station, countries to be visited, no. of mission days and no. of visits.

The generic  online application form  should have  an option for such cases : "Travel and DSA as per the country needs and UN rules". This would help all such applications. 

Thank you . 

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