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  3. Sunday, 17 August 2008
POST 01306E: TECHNET21 2008 MEETING—DISCUSSION TOPICS FOLLOW-UP ON POST 01301E 17 AUGUST 2008 ******************************************* Thanks for this forthcoming meeting. My suggested topic for the meeting is "The roles of operational logistics in meeting requirements of the MDGs." In this topic we should focus on the child mortality reduction with regards to cold chain efficiency especially in the developing worlds with limited functional logistics. Thanks. Dr. Akubue Augustine Uchenna WHO Nigeria. -------- The other topics that have been suggested include: § Financial instruments that make health service delivery more sustainable § Energy dependency for quality injection safety and achievement of MDGs § Cold rooms: guidelines, costs and precautions for installation (based on experiences in countries in transition) § VVM assessment in the SEARO § The battery-less solar refrigerator technology § Feasibility baseline for medical waste disposal methods (ref. POST 01295E) § Evolving auto-combustion incinerator technologies and experiences § Logistics of new vaccines § Cool chain technologies Please send in your suggestions with regard to the topics that you would like to see discussed at the meeting. Post generated using Mail2Forum (

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