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  1. Pat Lennon
  2. Cold chain equipment
  3. Monday, 18 June 2018

PATH and the Solar Electric Light Fund are pleased to announce upcoming field evaluations of cold chain equipment with energy harvesting control (EHC) features. EHC appliance features allow solar direct drive refrigerators to power devices such as lights and cell phones while keeping vaccines at appropriate temperatures. EHC must use only excess energy to power devices other than the refrigerator—energy the refrigerator does not need to keep vaccines at appropriate temperatures.

Manufacturers that want to participate in the field evaluation are invited to contact PATH if their product meets World Health Organization Performance, Quality and Safety specifications (PQS_E007_EHC1.1).

--> If interested, please contact PATH at by July 31, 2018.

Dear Pat

Colombia could be one country in wich to work the field evaluation. We have more than 337 equipments installed in differents climates, altitudes, coast, mountains, jungle, deserts. The last devices were 37 devices acquired by SKAT with technical assistant of HEAT International.


See 3.1. Approval of a country setting and an independent evaluation implementation partner.

Best regards.


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  2. Cold chain equipment
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Pat Lennon Accepted Answer

Dear Rafael,

Thank you for sharing your information. I made that original post last year and it was intended to solicit equipment suppliers for a study that is now underway in Senegal. Steve McCarney, on this forum,  has conducted EHC evaluations in Columbia and would be a great resource for you to talk to if you are interested.



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  2. Cold chain equipment
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