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  3. Monday, 12 August 2019

Hey there how are you all today? I'm not sure if i’ve got permission this time to get out of the basement to post this but lets just keep it between you and I and to be fair i needed my yearly dose of Vitamin D. 

For those of you that don’t know who i am My name is Alex Lee and i’ve been the website administrator behind TechNet for the last six years, i’m also the tech guy running around like a headless chicken during the conference live streaming you all. 

Any how back to why i’m posting. While i'm  absorbing some vitamin D, I’m also in the middle of brainstorming how to make the Network area of TechNet a better collaborative tool for you.

Let me start at the beginning and break down what you can currently do in the Network area. For those of you who are on facebook and use it, that is basically what we have. We have our own Facebook installed on our servers, what i mean by that is you have basically all the options as facebook does,  A profile you can update, Create groups, Create Events, Instant message, a newsfeed to stay up to with what’s been going on , find new contacts and a whole lot more. 

Now that’s all great and stuff, but if I think about what the Website is for from an outsider looking in, it's to continue the discussions that take place at the conference AND to act as a tool to facilitate collaborating together so that people can work all together on their common projects or priorities. This is my personal view or at least what I believe the website should be used for based on my 6 years working with TechNet

The main area i’m focusing on at the moment is the way our Groups work. Right now the current state of the groups is more of a Social group than a Collaborative Group tool. What i would really like is to let you have the ability to work on documents, create reports and maybe have the ability to create tasks and milestones for your different projects and to make it the easiest place for you all to collaborate together internally, but before i implement all of  that i need to  understand what you currently use to collaborate together. 

For example, Let's say you're working on a report for your project(s) to give to funders or management, how would you currently work together on it? What systems do you use, do you just use word and send via email or do you use a collaborative tool like google docs, MS team sites, 365 office groups, Yammer… etc.? 

The reason I’m asking is because I don’t want to reinvent the wheel, there is no point, it’s 2019, the technology is already out there and doesn’t need to be reinvented, but if i do want to make TechNet a safe and easy place for you to collaborate together, I do need to figure out a way to integrate your favourite tools in to the groups area.

That's about it otherwise i’m going to end up looking like a sun dried tomato if i stay out to long (an English man sneaking out from the basement … in the sun… not a good combo. :-)

any how Stay healthy have a a great day and thanks in advance for your inputs. keep in mind this is to make your life as easy as possible when you are on TechNet so don’t be shy!! 

Alex Lee

  What Collaborative tool do you use at the moment?
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