Project Optimize was a unique five-year collaboration between the World Health Organization (WHO) and PATH to identify ways in which supply chains can be optimized to meet the demands of an increasingly large and costly portfolio of vaccines. The overarching goal was to generate momentum to move the immunization world closer to an ideal vaccine supply chain that supports stronger, more adaptable, and more efficient logistics systems, extending the reach of lifesaving health technologies to people around the world.

This page contains links to important project Optimize publications in the following categories. 


All Optimize publications are available on both the PATH Optimize or WHO Optimize websites. For each publication listed below, links to both websites are provided.

optimize hippo

Banner used in the Project Optimize Travelling Exhibit. Photo: WHO/PATH.


Information systems

Resource Title PATH WHO
Toolkit Planning an information systems project:
A toolkit for public health managers
English English
Photo book Before and after: How an online immunization registry
has benefitted health workers in Albania
English | Francais English | Francais
Evidence brief A case for better immunization information systems  English | Francais English | Francais
Overview Vietnam’s immunization registries go online English English
Fact sheet Keeping track of Vietnam’s vaccines English English
YouTube video Immunization information systems: Overview English | Francais  
YouTube video Immunization information systems: IIS in Albania English  
YouTube video Immunization information systems: VaxTrak in Vietnam English  
YouTube video Immunization information systems: ImmReg in Vietnam English  
YouTube video Immunization information systems: Logistimo in South Sudan English  
YouTube video Immunization information systems: wVSSM in Tunisia English  
YouTube video Immunization information systems: vrMIS in Mozambique English  


Vaccine presentation

Resource Title Link
Journal article Designing vaccines for developing-country populations:
ideal attributes, delivery devices, and presentation formats


Cold chain technologies

Resource Title PATH WHO
Evidence brief Direct-drive solar vaccine refrigerators—
a new choice for vaccine storage
English | Francais English | Francais
Photo book Installing and testing battery-free solar refrigerators in Vietnam English | Francais English | Francais
Overview Stimulating innovation in the vaccine cold chain equipment industry English English
Fact sheet Unplugged and keeping cool—
testing off-grid vaccine storage solutions in Vietnam
English English
Overview Domestic refrigerators for vaccine storage in Tunisia English | Francais English | Francais


Temperature monitoring

Resource Title PATH WHO
Overview Temperature monitoring for vaccine quality English | Francais English | Francais


Controlled temperature chain

Resource Title PATH WHO
Overview Controlled temperature chain:
Taking advantage of the true heat stability of vaccines
English | Francais English | Francais
Photo book  Delivering MenAfriVac using the controlled temperature chain approach English | Francais English | 
Manager's Guide Guidance for immunization program decision-makers and managers (WHO/IVB/13.04)   English
Training Guide Training module for organizing immunization sessions   English
Facilitator's Guide Adaptation guide and Facilitators guide   English


Supply system design and policies

Resource Title PATH WHO
Evidence brief Outsourcing vaccine supply chain functions to the private sector English | Francais English | Francais
Evidence brief Integrating the supply chains of vaccines
and other health commodities
English | Francais English | Francais
Report Integration of vaccine supply chains with
other health commodity supply chains: A framework
English English
Photo book A moving warehouse delivers vaccines
and essential health supplies in Senegal
English | Francais English | Francais


2020 vision for vaccine supply and logistics systems

Resource Title PATH WHO
Report Developing a vision for immunization supply systems in 2020:
Landscape analysis summaries
English English
Report Achieving the global vision for future vaccine supply
and logistics systems: action plans
English English
YouTube video Now is the time English  
Journal article The imperative for stronger vaccine supply and logistics systems Journal  


Country reports

Optimize collaborated with national immunization programs in six countries to demonstrate innovative solutions to supply chain challenges. Detailed information on these demonstration projects can be found in the country-specific Optimize reports listed below.

Albania Report English English
Guatemala Report English | Espagñol English | Espagñol
Senegal Report English | Francais English | Francais
South Sudan Report English English
Tunisia Report English | Francais EnglishFrancais
Vietnam Report English English



The Op-ti-mize newsletter was a quarterly publication that highlighted advances and innovations in health care logistics, technologies, and policy - with a focus on immunization. An archive of every edition can be found on the PATH and WHO Optimize websites.