Factors Related to Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccination in College Men.

OBJECTIVES: To examine the vaccination rate and identify factors influencing HPV vaccination among college men. DESIGN AND SAMPLE: This cross-sectional study, guided by Theory of Planned Behavior, was conducted with a convenience sample of college males (18-26 years of age). A web-based survey was sent to 3,300 students attending a public university in California. MEASURES: The questionnaire used in the study-HPV/HPV vaccine-related Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behaviors-was adapted from a prior study conducted among college women. Demographic and sexual history information was also obtained. RESULTS: Four hundred and ten respondents were qualified for analysis. HPV vaccination rate was approximately 11.8%. Overall, young men had quite low HPV/HPV vaccine knowledge. Both nonvaccinees (n = 48) and vaccinees (n = 141) had positive attitudes toward the HPV vaccine, including mandating vaccination. Knowledge and attitudes toward the vaccine were not directly associated with the outcomes of vaccination

Public health nursing

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