A randomized intervention study to evaluate whether electronic messaging can increase HPV vaccine completion and knowledge among college students.

OBJECTIVE: To evaluate an intervention aimed at increasing HPV vaccine completion of the 3-dose series and knowledge. PARTICIPANTS: 264 male and female U.S. college students 18-26 years old who were receiving HPV vaccine dose 1. METHODS: Students were randomly assigned to the intervention or control group. Intervention participants received the electronic intervention (text/email appointment reminders and education messages) and controls received standard-of-care. Baseline/follow-up survey data were collected. Main outcome measures included vaccine completion and knowledge. RESULTS: HPV vaccine completion across groups were not significantly different, HPV dose 2 (53% vs. 52%) and dose 3 (34% vs. 32%). Mean knowledge score at follow-up for intervention group was significantly higher (p = 0.01) than at baseline. No significant differences in knowledge were found for the control group. The biggest predictor of HPV vaccine completion was female gender. CONCLUSIONS: The intervention increased knowledg

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