From Agadez to Zinder: estimating coverage of the MenAfriVac™ conjugate vaccine against meningococcal serogroup A in Niger, September 2010 - January 2012.

Vaccination coverage surveys - Publication abstract: MenAfriVac™ is a conjugate vaccine against meningitis A specifically designed for Africa. In Niger, the MenAfriVac™ vaccination campaign was conducted in people aged 1-29 years in three phases. The third phase was conducted in November/December 2011 targeting more than 7 million people. We estimated vaccination coverage for the third phase; classified the 31 target districts according to vaccination coverage levels; analysed the factors associated with being vaccinated; described the reasons for non-vaccination; and estimated coverage of the MenAfriVac™ introduction in Niger by aggregating data from all three phases. We classified the districts by clustered lot quality assurance sampling according to a 75% lower threshold and a 90% upper threshold. We estimated coverage using a minimum cluster-sample of 30 x 10 in each region. Two criteria were used to document vaccination status: presentation of vaccination card only or by card and/or


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