Comparison of two cluster sampling methods for health surveys in developing countries.

Vaccination coverage survey - Publication abstract: BACKGROUND: The Expanded Program for Immunization (EPI) random walk method has been widely used by the World Health Organization and others for rapid cluster sample surveys where an up-to-date household sampling frame is not available. However, it is not a probability sample, does not allow for population movement since the last census, and does not ensure objectivity in household selection or permit call-backs for non-response. Compact segment sampling avoids these problems and has been proposed as a slower but cleaner alternative. METHODS: We conducted two surveys, one using the EPI scheme and one using compact segment sampling, to estimate vaccination coverage in Western Region of The Gambia within 3 months of each other in 2000-2001. RESULTS: Point estimates for vaccination coverage from the two surveys rarely differed by more than 2%. Any differences were more likely to be due to household selection than to population movement. A simple mathe

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