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Duke University and COVID Collaborative
Urgent actions needed to close gaps in the global COVID-19 response
Spotlights of key learnings for the future pandemic preparedness and response,Spotlights of key learnings for the future pandemic preparedness and response
This white paper outlines three key COVAX learnings for future pandemic preparedness and response. Drawing upon COVAX’s unique experience enabling an unprecedented global rollout at scale during a...
Chairs Michael Mowatt, Odile Leroy
Martin Friede, Emmanuel Hanon, Suresh Jadhav, Kenneth Kelly, Odile Leroy, Margaret McGlynn, Michael Mowatt, Sanjay Singh, Johan van hoof, Michael Watson
Chair Helen Rees, U. of Witwatersrand
J. Englund (U. Washington), K. Jansen (Pfizer), K. Klugman (BMGF), S. Madhi (NIHLS South Africa), P. Neels (Vaccine-Advice BVBA), A. Precioso (Butantan), H. Rees (U. Witwatersrand), C-A Siegrist (U....
Jean-Marie Okwo-Bele
T. Cherian (WHO), C. Danovaro (WHO), AM Ropero-Alvarez (PAHO)
Chair K. Neuzil
M. Estes (Baylor), G. Kang (CMC Vellore), K. Neuzil (PATH), U. Parashar (US CDC), D. Steele (BMGF)
Chair David Salisbury
M. Gruber, P. Neels, P. Smith, B. Gessner, D. Salisbury
Margaret Chan (WHO), T. Evans (World Bank)
Margaret Chan (WHO), T. Evans (World Bank)
Chair Ingileif Jonsdottir (University Hospital of Iceland)
W. Hanekom (BMGF), E. Hanon (GSK), I. Jonsdottir (U. Hospital Iceland), D. Lewis (U. Surrey), P. Neels (consultant), B. Pulendran (Emory U.)
Chairs Norman Baylor and Helen Rees
V. Ahonkhai, N. Baylor, M. Gruber, T. Jivapaisarnpong, H. Rees, D. Wood
Chairs M. Gottlieb and R. Lagos
M. Gottleib, D. Kristensen, R. Lagos, O. Popova, O. Ronveaux, D. Zehrung
Chair Gerd Zettlmeisl
David Kaslow, Rosanna Lagos, Claudio Lanata, Vasee Moorthy, Florian Schödel, Gerd Zettlmeissl
Chair David Spiro (NIAID/NIH)
R. Donis (US CDC), R. Rappuoli (Novartis), G. Nabel (Sanofi), N. Baylor (Biologics Consulting), P. Palese (Mt. Sinai), H. Golding (US FDA)
Chair Rebecca Fields
Rudi Eggers (WHO), Jan Grevendonk (WHO), Elicah Kandinda Kamiji (MoH Zambia), Imran Mirza (UNICEF), Abigail Shefer (US CDC)
Chair Klaus Cichutek
Dick Akanmori (WHO), Marco Cavaleri (EMA), Nelson Michael (MHRP/WRAIR), Nicholas Perombelom (IFPMA), Helen Rees (U. of Witwatersrand), William Wekwete (Medicines Control Agency of Zimbabwe)
Chair Helen Rees
Bernadette Abela Ridder (WHO), Seth Berkley (Gavi), Katherind O'Brien (Johns Hopkins U.), Saad Omer (Emory U.)
Chair Ralf Clemens
Michel de Wilde (consultant), Peter Dull (BMGF), Melissa Malhame (Gavi)
Chairs Lucky Slamet and Stephen Thomas
Stephen Thomas (WRAIR), Peter Smith (LSHTM), Gandi Rayón Ramírez (COFEPRIS), Chris Nelson (Sanofi Pasteur) Kwasi Amfo (Takeda), Alex Precioso (Butantan), Hasitha Tissera (Sri Lanka MOH)
Chair David Durrheim
Narendra Arora (INCLEN), Peter Figueroa (U of the West Indies), Jim Goodson (US CDC), Shabir Madhi (NICD, South Africa), Peter Strebel (WHO), Kim Thompson (Kids Risk)
Chairs Norman Baylor and Helen Rees
N. Baylor (Biologics Consulting), Seth Berkley (Gavi), Lucille Blumberg (South Africa National Institute for Communicable Diseases), Marco Cavaleri (EMA), Mimi Darko (FDA Ghana), Swati Gupta (Merck),...
Chair Kathleen Neuzil
A. Alsalhani, Amie Batson (PATH), Heather Deehan (UNICEF), M. Makhoana, Melissa Malhame (Gavi), K. Neuzil (PATH), V. Oriol
Chair Katherine O'Brien
Salim Abdullah, Jon Abramson, Walter Jaoko, Kathleen Neuzil, Katherine O'Brien
GVIRF Secretariat
Margaret Chan (WHO), Yogan Pillay (National Dept. of Health, South Africa), Helen Rees (U. Witwatersrand)
Chair Nina Russell
Filip Dubovsky (MedImmune), Barney Graham (NIAID), Steve Hadley (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation), Bruce Innes (PATH), Nina Russell (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation), Erin Sparrow (WHO)
Chair Dennis M Dixon
Edgar Brun (Norwegian Veterinary Institute), Dennis M. Dixon (NIAID), Johan Vekemans (WHO), Scott Hultgren (Professor, Washington University), Nithima Sumpradit (Thai FDA), Visanu Thamlikitkul...
Chair Jean-Pierre Amorij
Jean-Pierre Amorji (AH Consultancy), Maria Elena Bottazzi (Baylor College of Medicine), Andrea Cox (Johns Hopkins University), Suresh Jadhav (Serum Institute of India), Ruth Karron (Johns Hopkins...
Chair Odile Leroy
Nihal Abeysinghe (Institute for Research and Development), Hartono Gunardi (Indonesia), Raymond Hutubessy (WHO), Odile Leroy (European Vaccine Initiative), Susan Wang (US CDC)
Chair Martin Friede
Martin Friede (WHO), Jennifer Gordon (NIAID), Punne Pitisuttithum (Mahidol University), John Tam (The HK Polytechnic University)
Chairs Annie Mo and Bernhards Ogutu
Annie Mo (NIAID), Chris Ockenhouse (PATH), Bernhards Ogutu Ragama (KEMRI), Andrew Pollard (University of Oxford), Lisa Wagar (Stanford Medicine)
Chair Hani Kim
Narendra Arora (INCLEN), David Durrheim (University of Newcastle), Pradeep Haldar (MOHFW, India), Keith Klugman (BMGF), Kate O’Brien (International Vaccine Access Center), Collins Tabu (Ministry of...
Chair Paula Bryant
Paula Bryant (NIAID), Donald Drake (Sanofi Pasteur VaxDesign Corp.), Klaus Frueh (Vaccine & Gene Therapy Institute), Johan Neyts (University of Leuven)
Chair Peter Dull
Alejandro Cravioto (University of Mexico), Peter Dull (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation), Martin Friede (Initiative for Vaccine Research, WHO), Lee Hall (NIAID), Jorge Kalil (University of Sao Paolo),...
Chair Roland Sutter
Peter Dull (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation), Alejandro Ramirez Gonzalez (WHO/EPI), Pradeep Haldar (Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, India), Suresh Jadhav (Serum Institute of India, Ltd.),...
Chairs Robert Breiman, David Kaslow
Robert Breiman (Emory University), Suresh Jadhav (Serum Institute of India), Gagandeep Kang (Christian Medical College, Vellore), David Kaslow (PATH), Yot Teerawattanaon (Health Intervention and...
Chair Norman W. Baylor
Norman W. Baylor (Biologics Consulting, Inc.), Carmen Rodriguez (WHO), Yeowon Shon (Seoul National Unviersity), Lucky Slamet (Badan Pom), Akanid Wapeewuttikorn (Thai FDA)
Chair Gerd Zettlmeisl
Mahima Datla (Biological E. Limited), Kate Elder (MSF), Syarifah Lisa Munira (University of Indonesia), Martin Nicholson (UNIDO), Gerd Zettlemeisl (Hilleman Laboratories)
Chair Narendra Arora
Narendra Arora (INCLEN); Birgitte Giersing (WHO)Pradeep Halder (Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, India); Luan Lin (China CDC Suzhou); Folake Olaykinka (JSI); Anna Postovoitova (Ukraine); Awwal...
Chair Mary Marovich
HIV – Kathryn Mngadi (Caprisa/HVTN), Punee Pitisittithum (Mahidol University); TB – Gerald Voss (Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise), Willem Hanekom (BMGF); Malaria – Fred Binka (University of...
The Sabin-Aspen Vaccine Science & Policy Group
Restructuring R&D to produce essential vaccines for infectious diseases we already recognize, and for those yet to emerge, is imperative. Powering Vaccine R&D: Opportunities for Transformation is a...
World Health Organization (WHO)
The Impact Report looks back at the challenges and progress of the ACT-Accelerator over the last year. It highlights the accelerated actions taken by each of the ACT-Accelerator pillars to ensure...
World Health Organization (WHO)
SARS-CoV-2 has impacted health and immunization systems around the world since early 2020 and is likely to alter vaccine markets for several years. This report, based on country-reported purchase...
World Health Organization (WHO)
In line with the reporting in 2019, this year’s annual GVAP secretariat report presents a collection of figures and graphs with the latest available data, for a selection of GVAP indicators, mainly...
World Health Organization (WHO)
GVAP secretariat reports, country and regional reports and immunization scorecards organized per year
Jemma L King
Vaccination programmes provide a ‘passport to protection’ by establishing a record of a child’s life. By registering a child’s birth, a legal foundation is being laid for a person’s...
The Sabin-Aspen Vaccine Science & Policy Group
This report from the 2019 meeting of the Sabin-Aspen Vaccine Science & Policy Group highlights that although vaccination remains a well-accepted social norm worldwide, a combination of...
World Health Organization (WHO)
This Global Vaccine Market Report provides an annual update to Member States, WHO’s international partners and civil society on the state of global vaccine markets. The report is divided into...
World Health Organization (WHO)
Past quantitative research on health financing has focused mostly on the level and distribution of total expenditure, with little emphasis on the specific role of public funds, despite their known...
World Health Organization (WHO)
Immunization has proven the test of time as one of public health’s most cost effective interventions. In 2017, the number of children immunized – 116.2 million – was the highest ever reported....
International Vaccine Access Center
The following report displays data and figures on the introduction status of pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV), rotavirus vaccine, and inactivated polio vaccine (IPV) both globally and in 73 Gavi...
International Vaccine Access Center
The following report displays data and figures on the introduction status of pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV), rotavirus vaccine, and inactivated polio vaccine (IPV) both globally and in 73 Gavi...
World Health Organization (WHO)
The Global Commission for the Certification of Poliomyelitis Eradication (GCCPE/GCC) met in February 2018. It noted that although no WPV paralytic cases had been reported in Pakistan since November...
Siobhan Devine et al.
Every year, 2.6 million babies die before turning one month old.1 One million of them take their first and last breaths on the day they are born. Another 2.6 million are stillborn. Each of these...
Ke Xu et al.
This WHO report summarizes the latest internationally comparable data on health spending in all WHO Member States between 2000 and 2015. But it does more than publish the most recent data. For the...
World Health Organization (WHO)
The World Malaria Report 2017 draws on data from 91 countries and areas with ongoing malaria transmission. The information is supplemented by data from national household surveys and databases held...
International Vaccine Access Center (IVAC)
Each year, IVAC prepares the Pneumonia and Diarrhea Progress Report and publishes it for World Pneumonia Day on November 12. The report evaluates the annual progress made in prevention and control of...
International Vaccine Access Center (IVAC)
The following report displays data and figures on the introduction status of pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV), rotavirus vaccine, and inactivated polio vaccine (IPV) both globally and in 73 Gavi...
World Health Organization (WHO), UNICEF
\"Each year, the WHO and UNICEF release an annual report that estimates global immunization coverage. The report offers a snapshot of the world’s progress toward achieving the Global Vaccine Action...
Performance evaluation of MSF efforts, including immunization
This fact sheet describes PATH’s efforts to eliminate meningococcal meningitis epidemics from Africa, once and for all. It covers work across meningitis projects, including the development and...
World Health Organization (WHO)
The World Health Statistics series is WHO’s annual compilation of health statistics for its 194 Member States. World Health Statistics 2017 compiles data on 21 health-related Sustainable...
International Vaccine Access Center
The following report displays data and figures on the introduction status of pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV), rotavirus vaccine, and inactivated polio vaccine (IPV) both globally and in 73 Gavi...
Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance
Since 2011, a five-year strategy has guided Gavi’s mission to save children’s lives and protect people’s health by increasing access to immunisation. In this edition of its Annual Progress...
World Health Organization (WHO)
 As of 11 May 2016, 58 countries and territories report continuing mosquito-borne transmission (Fig. 1) of which:  45 countries are experiencing a first outbreak of Zika virus since 2015, with...
Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance
This evaluation assesses the extent to which the Advanced Market Commitment (AMC) pilot has achieved its stated objectives and the overarching goal to “reduce morbidity and mortality from...
World Health Organization (WHO)
 No confirmed cases of Ebola virus disease (EVD) were reported in the week to 27 December. On 29 December, WHO declared that human-to-human transmission of Ebola virus has ended in Guinea, after...
Over the past several years, the development of new vaccines, along with global efforts to make them more available and affordable, has resulted in the introduction of lifesaving vaccines in...
World Health Organization (WHO)
Since the early days of EPI in the late 1970’s there has been a need for specialised cold chain equipment designed to meet the demanding performance requirements of the developing world, where fuel...
The Global Immunization Meeting: Protect, Innovate, Accelerate was organized jointly by WHO and UNICEF and served as forum to update the global immunization community on implementing the new...
An update on the Better Immunization Data Initiative as of May 30, 2014.
B. Fenton Hall, Chris Wilson, Jean-Marie Okwo-Bele
Plenary report
Thomas Cherian
Thomas Cherian (WHO), B. Fenton Hall (NIH/NIAID), Joachim Hombach (WHO)
Anthony Fauci
F. Becerra, J. Esparza, A. Fauci, B.F. Hall, J. Hombach, J-M Okwo Bele
Gagandeep Kang, Jean-Pierre Amorij
Jean-Pierre Amorij (AH Consultancy), Norman Baylor (Biologics Consulting Group), Dilara Islam (AFRIMS), Gagandeep Kang (Christian Medical College), Beth Kirkpatrick (University of Vermont College of...
Peter Smith, Ashley Birkett, Charles Mgone
Ashley Birkett (Malaria Vaccine Initiative), Peter Smith (LSHTM)
Charles Mgone, Tom Evans, Uli Fruth
Tom Evans (AERAS), Uli Fruth (WHO)
Chair Carsten Mantel, Chair Carsten Mantel, Tina Lorenson, Darin Zehrung, Mercy Mvundura, Tina Lorenson, Jean-Pierre Amorij, Darin Zehrung, Messeret Shibeshi, Mercy Mvundura, Jean-Pierre Amorij, Messeret Shibeshi, James Goodson, Melissa Malhame, James Goodson, Melissa Malhame
Tina Lorenson (BMGF), Darin Zehrung (PATH), Mercy Mvundura (PATH), Jean-Pierre Amorij (independent), Messeret Shibeshi (WHO-AFRO), James Goodson (US CDC), Melissa Malhame (Gavi),Tina Lorenson (BMGF),...
EYE Strategy Laboratory Technical Working group (EYE-LTWG)
EQA technical report for serological testing of YF
World Health Organization (WHO)
The report aims to capture lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic and to highlight the opportunity for more ambitious global action: expanding sustainable access to vaccines for all towards the...
Verification and Traceability Initiative
The VTI (Verification and Traceability Initiative) and TRVST (Traceability and Verification System) complement other global efforts led by partners and countries to digitalize public health supply...
Chair Narendra Arora
Robb Butler (WHO EURO), Nicola Christofides (U. Witwatersrand), Susan Goldstein (Soul City Inst.), Ann Lindstrand (Public Health Agency of Sweden)