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Birgitte Giersing, Marion Menozzi-Arnaud
La Stratégie de priorisation des innovations en matière de vaccins (VIPS en anglais pour "Vaccine Innovation Prioritisation Strategy") représente une collaboration sans précédent de trois ans...
Alex de Jonquieres, Ann Lindstrand, Benjamin Schreiber, Marie Khémesse Ngom Ndiaye, Robin Nandy, Saada Al Salti, Souleymane Kone
La première journée de la 16ème conférence TechNet s'ouvre sur les stratégies de la chaîne d'approvisionnement en matière de vaccination et sur la réponse face à la Covid-19.
Adama Sawadogo, Dan Brigden, Diana Chang-Blanc, Peter Okebukola, Sena Kwawu
La deuxième journée de la 16e conférence TechNet s'ouvre sur la gestion des vaccins et les équipements de la chaîne du froid (CCE).
Adama Sawadogo, Dan Brigden, Karan Sagar, Matt Morio, Souleymane Kone
Lors de cette séance plénière de clôture du deuxième jour, nous jetons un regard sur le passé, sur l'avenir et nous nous mettons dans l'ambiance du Marché des fabricants.
Alex de Jonquieres, Ann Lindstrand, Benjamin Schreiber, Marie Khémesse Ngom Ndiaye, Robin Nandy, Saada Al Salti, Souleymane Kone
The opening ceremony of the 16th TechNet Conference.
Birgitte Giersing, Marion Menozzi-Arnaud
The Vaccine Innovation Prioritisation Strategy (VIPS) represents an unprecedented three-year collaboration between the Gavi Secretariat, World Health Organization (WHO), Bill & Melinda Gates...
Chris Larson, Maeve Magner, Olivier Defawe
During the session, we will not only learn about how UPS is currently contributing to making the global, regional and local supply chains capable and ready to deliver future Covid19 vaccines, but...
Alex Pascutto, Dan Brigden, Nathan Pienkowski, Reda Sadki, Sarah Kester, Walter Proper
TechNet-21 is a member of the Partnership of Immunization Networks (PIN), which has been created to strengthen collaboration between organizations that serve distinct yet interconnected online...
Adama Sawadogo, Dan Brigden, Diana Chang-Blanc, Peter Okebukola, Sena Kwawu
Day two of the 16th TechNet Conference opens with a focus on vaccine management and cold chain equipment (CCE).
Adama Sawadogo, Dan Brigden, Karan Sagar, Matt Morio, Souleymane Kone
In this closing plenary session of Day two, we take a look back, look ahead, and get in the mood for the Manufacturer Marketplace.
Bill Gates, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Keynote address delivered at the 2021 GVIRF meeting.
Chairs Daniel Feikin, WHO, and Robin Nandy, UNICEF
0:36 - Introduction. 3:43 - The enduring dilemma of 20 million unvaccinated children: Equity and access solutions in IA2030, Kate O'Brien, WHO. 24:18 - Impact of COVID-19 on coverage and equity,...
Chairs Antu Dey and Rajat Goyal, International AIDS Vaccine Institute
0:00 - Anant Shah, Merck. 21:52 - Ahd Hamidi, Batavia Biosciences. 37:41 - Casey Selwyn, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. 54:32 - Block 1 Q&A, Antu Dey, Anant Shah, Ahd Hamidi, Casey...
Chairs Helen Rees, Wits Reproductive Health Institute, and George F. Gao, China CDC
0:00 - Ana Maria Henao =-Restrepo, WHO. 16:11 - Melanie Saville, CEPI. 34:20 - Barney Graham, NIAID/NIH. 54:35 - Block 1 Q&A, Helen Rees, Ana Maria Henao-Restrepo, Melanie Saville, Barney...
Chair Kathleen Neuzil
2:00 - Salmonella typhi, Sushant Sahastrabuddhe, IVI. 20:32 - Schistosomiasis, Robert Bergquist, Geospatial Health. 36:26 - HPV, Aimee Kreimer, NCI/NIH. 52:46 - Novel OPV, Ananda Bandyopadhyay,...
Chairs Norman Baylor, Biologics Consulting Group and Lucky Slamet, Badam Pom
2:02 - HIV: Linda-Gail Bekker. 22:36 - TB: Ann Ginsberg. 42::50 - Malaria: Sodiomon B. Sirima. 56:49 - Block 1 Q&A, Norman Baylor, Linda-Gail Bekker, Ann Ginsberg. 1:23:28 - Block 2 Q&A, Lucky...
Chairs Annie Mo, NIAID/NIH and Gagandeep Kang, Christian Medical College, Vellore
0:00 - Controlled human malaria infection—tool for accelerating vaccine development, Melissa Kapulu. 20:52 - Typhoid controlled human infection model, Andrew Pollard. 35:04 - Respiratory virus...
Chairs Bernhards Ogutu, Kenya Medical Research Institute and David Durrheim, U. Newcastle
0:00 - A conversation on the challenges and opportunities for innovation in vaccination, Jon Abramson and Alejandro Cravioto. 9:24 - Transformative concepts for mass vaccination and pandemic...
B. Fenton Hall
Anthony Fauci
Vaccinology in 2021, pandemic preparedness and response, and challenges for the next decade
Christian Mandl, Sarah Gilbert, Nathalie Garcon, Florian Krammer, Kanta Subbarao, Lynda Stuart
3:28 - Nucleic acid vaccines: Is it all done? Christian Mandl. 21:37 - Viral Vectored vaccine platform technologies, Sarah Gilbert. 33:49 - Adjuvants, . 45:16 - Block 1 Q&A, Christian Mandl, Nathalie...
Alejandro Cravioto, David Kaslow, Rino Rappuoli, Birgitte Giersing, Deepali Pate, Narendra Arora, Ian Hudson, Joshua Chu, Sai Prasad
0:05 - Opportunities, risks, and potential valleys of death, David Kaslow, PATH. 16:22 - Is there a role for early policy decision? Rino Rappuoli, GSK. 27:58 - Building the concept of Preferred...
Peter Hotez, Bill Hausdorff, Jerome Kim, BT Slingsby
0:36 - Introduction, Peter Hotez. 2:48 - Decision-making and prioritization of vaccines to address public health needs in low- and middle-income countries, Bill Hausdorff. 15:14 - Prioritization of...
GVIRF Secretariat
Learnings from COVID-19 and applications to other global health challenges. Topics include how a correlate of protection (CoP) is discovered and applied for vaccine development; identification of a...
Soumya Swaminathan
The impact on families of inequitable access, achieving COVID-19 vaccination, COVID-19 vaccine research: speed vs. equity, and the role of WHO in achieving vaccines equity.