A computerized recall system for office practice.

Author: Leduc- D; Loeser- H; Hercz- L & Pless- I B
Tags: ICT


A computerized system that has been in use in a small group practice since 1980 is described. Although many pediatricians have begun to use personal computers in office practice- most accounts of their experience to date relate primarily to the role of computers in facilitating administrative tasks- such as billing. The procedures involved in establishing the system are described- along with details about the nature of the programming concepts and several of the most important applications. A particular focus was to enable the computer to be used to improve the follow-up of patients with problems requiring recall visits- eg- immunizations. The results indicate that the percent of patients judged to be overdue for immunizations fell from 15.4% prior to the introduction of the computer to 1.3% and 4.3%- respectively- in the following 2 years. The proportion of children with other health problems requiring follow-up- 44.5% of the entire active practice population are also described. It is concluded that the computerized system can enhance the quality of patient care and greatly facilitate office-based research.


Type Journal article
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PubMed URL http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/6694882
Journal Pediatrics
Volume 73
Year 1984
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