Assessing what child health information systems should be integrated: the Michigan experience.

Author: Hoyle- Therese & Swanson- Robert
Tags: ICT


This project examined which child health data would be appropriate and useful to integrate with an existing real-time Michigan Department of Community Health (MDCH) application- such as the Michigan Childhood Immunization Registry. A consultant was secured to conduct data gathering analysis activities. An advisory committee of MDCH Administrators convened to guide the project. Interviews were conducted with MDCH administrators- program managers and representatives from the public and private health care provider community. These interviews focused on answering three main questions: (1) What MDCH data resources do you currently use? (2) How do you use and access these data? and (3) What is your vision for expanding- enhancing- and linking these data to meet Michigan's future health goals? Acceptance of the Michigan Childhood Immunization Registry by the pediatric and family practice community demonstrates the utility of providing more information electronically to the medical community in Michigan. The MDCH has completed a stakeholders analysis and is moving forward with requirements gathering sessions in order to create an integrated child health data system. The integrated child health data system will include data from immunizations- newborn screening- newborn hearing- lead- the Women- Infants- and Children program- and Medicaid.


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Journal Journal of public health management and practice : JPHMP
Volume Suppl
Year 2004
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