Barriers that impede the adoption of pediatric information technology.

Author: Johnson- K B
Tags: ICT


BACKGROUND: Information technology (IT) is a critical but underused component of health care. Many factors contribute to the inconsistent adoption of IT. OBJECTIVE: To review the literature to better elucidate barriers that are likely to affect the adoption of IT by pediatric professionals. DATA SOURCES: Manuscripts were found using a MEDLINE search combining the terms medicine- information systems- and technology transfer. I also obtained references cited by relevant articles. Finally- I explored the Internet using and STUDY SELECTION: Articles discussing barriers or factors affecting the adoption of IT were considered for inclusion. Articles unrelated to clinical IT were excluded. DATA SYNTHESIS: A variety of barriers exist that affect the adoption of useful technologies. Situational barriers include challenges imposed by the current national health environment- financial and legal risks associated with technology purchasing and use- and access to technology. The most significant barrier is that pediatric health care practitioners may lack the knowledge or training to use IT effectively. CONCLUSIONS: Although some barriers exist that may be challenging to overcome- other barriers- such as the lack of knowledge about the uses of IT- are imminently solvable. Efforts to overcome these barriers should begin in earnest and should include educating stakeholders in the care of children and adolescents- as well as improving the knowledge about various technologies available to support pediatric and adolescent health care.


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Journal Archives of pediatrics \& adolescent medicine
Volume 155
Year 2001
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