Vaccinating in the age of apathy: measles vaccination in Canada, 1963–1998

Author: Heather MacDougall et al.
Category: Service delivery


Experts have pointed to apathy as a key factor in the ongoing battle to eliminate measles transmission through universal vaccination. Apathy has taken many forms in Canada since the 1960s and could be related to what is now labelled as vaccine hesitancy. We have shown that it was not exclusive to parents and that it could be explained, at least in part, by issues of accessibility to efficient vaccines, poor training of health care providers and an enduring lack of political will to implement a single vaccination schedule throughout Canada. The situation was further complicated by the general erosion of social trust in experts and lack of education about and promotion of vaccines. Understanding the past is essential to explaining Canadians’ decisions regarding measures to prevent disease and enhance their health.


Type Journal article
Language English
Country Canada
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Journal CMAJ
Volume 190
Year 2018
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