Immunization status and child survival in Uganda

Author: E Bbaale
Category: Service delivery


Using the UDHS 2006 and 2011 and employing the Cox model, we tested the hypothesis that childhood immunization equalizes all children irrespective of parental background. Our findings reject this hypothesis. However, we find strong support to the view that childhood immunization decisively dampens child mortality. Immunised children reduce the risk of mortality by 17-38%. Immunised children with DPT/Polio reduce risk of mortality by 25-43%. Children immunised with measles and BCG shots reduce the risk of mortality by 38-44%. Efforts intended to improve child survival need to go beyond the childhood immunization campaigns and recognise other sources of mortality and morbidity.


Type Journal article
Language English
Country Uganda
Journal African Journal of Economic Review
Volume 3
Year 2015
Disease , Diphtheria , Pertussis , Poliomyelitis , Tetanus
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