Getting under the hood: Exploring issues that affect provider-based recall


Eight months after training, only 4 of 11 practices had implemented recall using CIIS: 3 practices recalled children ≤2 years of age, and 1 practice recalled adolescent girls for human papillomavirus vaccine. Initiation barriers included lack of awareness of baseline immunization rates, distrust in the accuracy of CIIS-generated data, and perceived difficulties recalling adolescents. Having unrealistic expectations about recall effectiveness was a barrier to sustainability. Strategies that facilitated recall included having a dedicated staff person for recall efforts and recalling children ≤2 years of age. Most key informants viewed population-based recall conducted by public health departments or schools as an acceptable alternative to provider-based recall.


Type Journal article
Language English
Country United States Of America
Journal Academic Pediatrics
Volume 11
Year 2011
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