Why conduct Effective Vaccine Management (EVM) assessment?


WHO and UNICEF supported Ghana to conduct Effective Vaccine Management (EVM) assessments in September 2010 and October 2014 respectively with the view to strengthening vaccine and logistics management for immunization at all levels in the country. In both assessments, temperature monitoring, which is a critical indicator for vaccine potency and immunization programme effectiveness, got very low scores of 50% (2010) and 67% (2014) respectively at the national level and even lower at the regional level. The low scores of temperature monitoring at the national and regional levels in both assessments generated concern and interest for review of the results of the two assessments to determine some of the contributing factors considering Ghana’s advancement in immunization with support of the Gavi Alliance and also with twelve antigens in the routine immunization programme.


Type Journal article
Language English
Country Ghana
Link http://www.sciforschenonline.org/journals/vaccines/article-data/IJVI-1-104/IJVI-1-104.pdf
Journal International Journal of Vaccines and Immunization
Volume 1
Year 2015
Disease , Hepititis B , Diphtheria , Haemophilus influenzae , Measles , Meningcoccal meningtitis , Pertussis , Poliomyelitis , Rotavirus , Rubella , Tetanus , Tuberculosis , Yellow fever
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