Developed jointly by WHO and UNICEF, the "Immunization Coverage Data" course will help all partners and staff working to support immunization with the knowledge needed to make the best use of available immunization coverage data. Before using data to make programmatic decisions, it is necessary to evaluate its quality and accurately interpret the data to understand the true situation. This course teaches how to evaluate data quality, recognize its limitations, and use data to make immunization programme decisions. Complete this course by using UNICEF's Agora learning system at https://agora.unicef.org/. Select "login" and register as a guest. Enter "immunization" in the search bar for a complete list of Immunization eLearning Initiative courses that you many use to gain important knowledge.


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Link https://agora.unicef.org/course/info.php?id=2064
Publisher WHO and UNICEF
Year 2016
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