Report on the immunization and vaccine-related implementation Research Advisory Committee (IVIR - AC) meeting


Research to minimize barriers and improve coverage of vaccines currently in use: Session 1: Missed opportunities for vaccination (MOV): As a follow-up to the IVIR-AC recommendations in 20141 the Committee considered a new methodology to assess missed opportunities for vaccination (MOV) as part of scaling-up the WHO MOV strategy. In order to assess the magnitude and causes of missed opportunities, the new methodology captures additional quantitative information, including explanatory demographic variables in combination with qualitative information based on anthropological variables. This is expected to yield more appropriate, better tailored interventions to reduce MOV within each local context. Session 2: Non-specific effects (NSEs) of vaccines introduction: The IVIR-AC meeting in 2015 emphasized the importance of randomized trials within nested immunological studies. The Committee considered priority questions for NSE clinical trials, including trial designs for each priority question, as proposed by the participants of an ad-hoc consultation in February 2016.