WHO Guidance Note: Engagement of private providers in immunization service delivery. Considerations for National Immunization Programmes


This guidance note for National Immunization Programmes aims to: Present considerations regarding the involvement of nongovernmental (private) providers in vaccine delivery (including contribution to enhancing coverage and equity while maintaining delivery standards and quality), monitoring of coverage and safety, and disease surveillance; Provide recommendations to support optimal engagement of nongovernmental (private) providers in the effective delivery of national immunization programmes. This document does not attempt to quantify the impact of the private sector or propose a preferred hierarchy of delivery systems (i.e. private, mixed, or public model). Nor does it prescribe the type of engagement or advocate for a greater or lesser role of the private sector in health care. The aim is to encourage closer collaboration between the public and private/nongovernmental sectors and hence a more effective engagement of the private sector in supporting NIP priorities.