Protecting All Against Tetanus: Guide to sustaining maternal and neonatal tetanus elimination (MNTE) and broadening tetanus protection for all populations


This guide is intended for use by national immunization programme managers and staff, and immunization partners involved in providing implementation support to countries.The specific objectives of this guide are:•to describe the strategies and activities required to (i) sustain the elimination of maternal and neonatal tetanus,and (ii) ensure long-term protection against tetanus for all people;•to inform the policy discussions and operational decisions related to tetanus vaccination and sustaining MNTE at the country level;•to provide up-to-date references on global policy recommendations as well as technical and strategic issues.This document provides guidance and options to assist countries to decide and plan the policy changes and activities that are needed to successfully sustain MNTE and ensure long-term protection against tetanus for all populations.Chapter by chapter, this guide explains how the core programmatic components for preventing MNT[antenatal care (ANC)vaccination of pregnant women and clean births with skilled health personnel]are interconnected with the implementation of routine tetanus vaccination(for both sexes with booster doses across the life course) to ensure elimination is sustained and that all populations are protected.