The BID Learning Network invites you to view a webinar presentation on The Immunization Data: Evidence for Action (IDEA) Review. IDEA is a global synthesis of existing evidence aimed at increasing the use of high-quality data to improve immunization coverage. While advances in information technology have led to continuous increases in the amount of health data available, data remains an under-utilized resource in the design and implementation of immunization programs throughout the world. The IDEA Review identifies five proven strategies to improve data use and outlines how funders, policymakers, and program implementers can incorporate these best practices to improve the efficacy of regional and national immunization programs. The review draws on nearly 550 documents including published literature, working papers, project evaluations and reports, which were distilled and prioritized by global immunization experts. During this webinar the presenters discuss their findings, the realist review methodology that was used to identify the findings as well as the advocacy and communications activities that were undertaken to ensure uptake of the findings. For more information on the IDEA review please visit