Obligatory vaccination reporting in Saxony-Anhalt. Possibilities and limitations of establishing a computerized vaccination registry.


Vaccination registries are databases intended to assess and manage complete vaccination data of as many individuals as possible in a population under survey. The task of these registries is to identify low vaccination rates on the individual and population level- to enable systems of reminding individuals- to focus vaccination campaigns and to maximize overall vaccination coverage. Saxony-Anhalt is the only federal state of Germany to have a law that prescribes the reporting of vaccinations. Vaccinations of children up to the age of 7 are reported to the regional public health services. However- as the law provides no regulations as to how the data should be registered and processed- the development of a vaccination registry depends entirely on the initiative and cooperation of the players in vaccination". The key players in vaccination in Saxony-Anhalt have recently created a Vaccination-Committee which set out to develop the theoretical standards and a software prototype for the establishment of a computerized vaccination registry. Recent developments in the public health reporting system of Saxony-Anhalt (which strives to modernize its computerized assessment of child and adolescent health) are now opening the possibility to integrate the vaccination registry into the commercially available child health software."