Immunization for Primary Health Care (PHC) Framework for Action: Building PHC Linkages within National Immunization Strategies

Immunization is a vital component of primary health care (PHC), offering a gateway for strengthening PHC and Universal Health Coverage (UHC). On UHC Day in December 2022, the Immunization Agenda 2030 (IA2030) SP1 Working Group launched the "Immunization for PHC: Framework for Action." This framework showcases best practices and practical actions that professionals at all levels of the health system can take to mutually reinforce immunization and PHC. The objectives of this webinar are the following:

- Participants understand the importance of integrating PHC objectives into their National Immunization Strategies.

- Share concrete examples of country integration of PHC into National Immunization Strategies, illustrating experiences and enablers to integration of PHC in the NIS development process.


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