Saturday, 05 October 2019
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Dear viewers 

Last month when the above workshop was conducted at St John Medical College Bengaluru, replication for acceleration was anticipated. KVG team wishes to share the following in brief.

Exactly a month back on 04th Sep 2019, St John Medical College Bengaluru, Karnataka, India invited KVG team to conduct CMEW to sensitize service providers [Testers] and specialists who prescribe and read the test for diagnostic purpose in their college. A feedback and a feed forward were shared with SJMC and the higher-ups including global partners of End TB programme through techNet-21. As committed by Dr Balu PS, STF Chair of RNTCP for Karnataka state, Professor and HOD, department of Community Medicine, JJMMC Davangere organized similar programme in their college on 4th Oct 2019; sharing the highlights as continuation of extended success of the vision in mission mode.

About the CMEW held at JJMMC Davangere: ~ 2hr CMEW was held on 04th October afternoon. 45 participants from all the key departments attended the programme. Dr Balu PS, STF chair Karnataka, Professor and HOD department of community medicine JJMMC moderated the CMEW. He expressed and wished: “it’s a useful training, do request RNTCP nodal officers to have in u r college;….we also take this opportunity to felicitate holla sir for his contribution towards polio eradication efforts and strengthening Routine Immunization in state of Karnataka”.

He thanked Dr Murugesh SB, the Principal for all his support. Dr Mugana Gowda Patil – professor and head of the department of pediatrics and Dr Mohan Maruliah – the Director Bapuji child health institute for participating in the workshop as chief invitees and chair persons. On the spot they committed to administer TST as per CDC / GoI / RNTCP guidelines to support “End TB” timely.

Extension of Vision and Mission: Similar vision and mission in administering Newborn BCG vaccine with no programmatic errors under Routine Immunization programme will help the newborns to develop “IMMUNOGENIC BCG SCAR”. According to recent studies, newborn BCG vaccination is ~80% effective in protecting the children from the catastrophic impact of TB and can drastically reduce Mtb population infection (the reservoir of infection). Programmatic errors are bound to occur as >70% birthing are taking place in private birthing institutions and the vaccination commonly yields “ULCEROGENIC SCAR” – soft, shallow, and hyper pigmented which we routinely see in the vaccination clinic which can delay the reduction of “population infection”, retarding the achievement of national and global goals. 

Way forward: Conducting similar CMEW in the remaining Medical Colleges of Karnataka followed by hands on intensive training of testers in the follow up supportive supervision visits. In the near future reporting format will be edited to capture core data on TST. 

Acknowledgement: We thank all the supporters of “End TB” programme.

Same we attched with a few photos.

with best wishes and regards to the viewers

Holla n Team



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