Thursday, 14 October 2021
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We’re delighted to share a newly developed set of paper-based recording and reporting tools to support Covid-19 vaccine delivery.

Since Covid-19 vaccines have been rolled out at record speed in most countries, immunization programmes have had to quickly adapt or develop monitoring systems and tools. While digital systems have played an important role in this, most countries will need to rely on robust paper-based systems.

The linked page provides resources for three forms (Home-Based Record, Register, Tally & Reporting Sheet) that can be used for recording and reporting COVID-19 vaccinations. Importantly, these materials are available print-ready, but also come with an ability to be quickly edited to country context.

These resources were developed by Sonder Design in conjunction with WHO, BMGF, PATH and tested with HCWs in Kenya and Zambia. They are based on the Covid-19 vaccination monitoring guide, which can be found on the WHO website. This work also builds on the great thinking and significant multi-year efforts of the PHISICC project.

While these are newly available we understand that many countries have leveraged Excel or alternative tools to manage immunization programmes. With that in mind, we’re interested to hear from the community whether existing tools are meeting current needs and whether an opportunity exists to transition to this fit-for-purpose toolset. 

Looking forward to hearing from the community ideas or stories on uptake.

-Andrew, Damaris, and Jan

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