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From today's Guardian

Health workers face suspicion and a lack of cold storage as they test the Ebola vaccine

Dr Tamba Manye, who works for the World Health Organisation (WHO) in Tonkolili, says logistics need to be improved before the unlicensed vaccine can be made more widely available.“There is no cold chain facility in Sierra Leone that can deal with the vaccine because it has to be stored at minus 80 degrees celcius. The only facility is in Guinea, so we had to fly the vaccines from there.

8 years ago

Hi Patrick

This really makes me wonder.

I was there in 2013 with T.O from WHO/HQ and T.O from Unicef SD to do the planning of the introduction of a -80C cold chain. Everything was panned to detail, as far as I know the equipment was also ordered, also forTonkolili.

Does anybody know what happened or not happened.



8 years ago

Hi Patrick,

The British medical journal The Lancet reported the clinical trial results of an experimentalEbolavaccine tested last year in the West African nation of Guineaduring the continuingoutbreak of the viral diseasethat had shown promising initial results.

The clinical trial included the use of a beer-keg-shaped vaccine storage device, the Arktek. It allowed the vaccines to be transported and kept at minus 80 degrees in outlying areas without electricity for many days, which was deemed necessary because the vaccine’s stability at higher temperatures had not yet been fully tested. The storage device was invented by Global Good, and developed/manufactured by Aucma in China.

The New York Times published the story on July 15, 2015. Here is the link:

Anyone who wants to know more about the Arktek product should visit website, or They can also email [email protected] for more information.

Best regards,

Zihong Guo

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