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  3. Thursday, 08 March 2018

Dear Colleagues and partners

I hope you’re well and that 2018 has got off to a great start!   

I hope you don’t mind me reaching out to request your help is spreading the word about INFUSE within your networks.

Innovation for Uptake, Scale and Equity in Immunisation, or INFUSE for short, is an acceleration platform to identify proven solutions which, when scaled up, have the greatest potential to modernise global health and immunisation delivery. Each year, INFUSE calls for innovations that can help Gavi, governments, and partners reach more children with life-saving vaccines. INFUSE then works with expert partners of the Alliance to select the most promising innovations and ‘infuse’ them with the capital, expertise, and other support needed to scale them up. 

INFUSE 2018 is calling for proven digital technology innovations – adapted to low-resource environments in developing countries – to help identify and register children, especially girls, who are at risk of missing out on life-saving vaccines. The innovations should greatly enhance the efficacy of immunisation delivery, and modernise methods to identify and register the children who most need life-saving vaccines and who currently are being missed by existing processes.

All innovations that leverage technology to address equity challenges, help reach and protect the under-immunised – whether low-tech or high-tech, whether addressing supply or demand issues – are welcome. Please note that proposals must have advanced beyond the pilot stage and be capable of being deployed at a large scale within 6 to 12 months. We are not seeking research or pilot projects.  The deadline is 10 April 2018.

For organisations interested in submitting an innovation for consideration and for more details on selection criteria and the annual INFUSE process please visit our website

Please find attached the call for innovation –please spread the word among your networks and help us attract the most innovative solutions addressing the immunisation equity gap.  If you could kindly copy in [email protected] in your outreach ( if appropriate) that would be most appreciated!

And if there are any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me and I can redirect your queries to the right desk.

Thanks in advance for your support


Magloire ACHIDI

+ 41 22 909 65 46

Senior Supply Chain Consultant  | HSIS | RMPSP |

STEP Program Manager



2, Chemin des Mines, 1202 Geneva, Switzerland

Tel: + 41 22 909 65 00

Web: http://www.gavi.org

With the support of donors and partners, Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance is working to immunise an additional 300 million children between 2016 and 2020, preventing a further 5-6 million deaths. Join us and help to reach every child. Visit www.gavi.org, sign up for the Gavi newsletter and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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Hello Magloire,

I am responding to your message on Tech-net 21I have recently joined Is there any innovation funding available to develop a product which provides continuos electricity and refrigeration in the field when immunising or delivering vaccines to remote or difficult-to-access communities?

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