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A home-based vaccination record is a document (more often physical rather than electronic) --- issued by an official authority (may be sub-national or national) to an individual person and maintained in the household by an individual or individual’s caregiver (e.g., mother, father, grandparent, etc) --- on which an individual’s vaccination history (vaccine received, date vaccine received) or status is recorded by a health worker. In some places, the home-based record is referred to by the following English terms: • vaccination or immunization card • vaccination or immunization record • vaccination (history) or immunization (history) record • child health book • infant health book • child health record • well baby book We are currently developing a thesaurus of terms used across countries in the respective local context (with English translation where available and necessary) for referring to home-based records in all member states. For example, in Angola, the home-based record is referred to as the cartão de saúde infantil or child health card. In Japan, the home-based record is referred to by Boshi Techo, or handbook of mothers and children. It is hoped that the population of this thesaurus will facilitate better communication around home-based records when interacting with immunization and child health programmes at the country level by partners including DHS and MICS survey coordinators. To complete the 4 question form, visit Concerns and / or corrections are always welcomed and can be communicated to David BROWN at [email protected].
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Attached is a document highlighting the information collected as of 22 May 2015. We encourage readers to take a quick look to see if they can fill in any missing information either through email or through the website noted above in the posting. Thank you! David

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