Wednesday, 19 February 2020
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On February 12, 2020, HLN released a new version (v1.22.1) of the Immunization Calculation Engine (ICE). ICE is a state-of-the-art open-source software system that provides clinical decision support for immunizations for use in Immunization Information Systems (IIS), Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Personal Health Record (PHR) Systems.

This version includes important updates including:• ice logo transparent

  • Logic updates to the Pneumococcal Vaccine Group following the latest ACIP guidance.
  • Logic corrections for the DTP Vaccine Group and Influenza Vaccine Group.
  • A minor modification to how month-based calculations are performed.
  • More user-friendly wording for the evaluation reason text and recommendation reason text.
  • A new option which, when enabled, returns the supplemental text for evaluations and recommendations where applicable. For the appropriate pneumococcal recommendations, ICE utilizes this feature to return supplemental text that recommends shared clinical decision making and cites the relevant MMWR.
  • A new option which, when enabled, allows client applications to override how ICE would normally evaluate a specified shot (i.e., client applications can indicate that an administered immunization being submitted to ICE for evaluation must be treated as INVALID or VALID per an input parameter).
  • ICE now outputs the version of the ICE service in each response.

The full software release is available for download at

See the feature article about ICE in Open Health News.

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