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The HR Country Support Package for Immunization SC Managers is available!

The success of immunization systems in countries through the past decades can be attributed to a large extent, to the supply chain and logistics system. This system is one of the backbones of national immunization programmes (EPI) that strives to ensure the uninterrupted availability of quality vaccines and devices, from the national level through to the service delivery points in rural and remote areas. By 2020, countries are projected to manage significant increases in the value, volume, number of doses, and stock keeping units placing increased stress on already weak supply systems. In response to this need, the Immunization Supply Chain Strategy was built around five (5) fundamentals; system design, supply chain leadership, data for management, better cold chain and continuous improvement plans to help achieve the vision that by 2020 immunization supply chains efficiently provide potent vaccines to all.

Supply Chain Leadership
Next-generation immunization supply chains require dedicated and competent managers and workforce as well as adequate numbers of skilled, accountable, motivated and empowered personnel at all levels of the health system. Countries are supported to strengthen and build supply chain managers’ and workforce capacity by providing focused technical assistance, tools, training and other resources. The aim is to help ensure that dedicated supply chain leaders and HR are in place at all levels of the health system, with the right capabilities, authority and accountability in every country.

The HR country support package provides a set of tools and guidelines to support and develop immunization supply chain managers to be able to effectively manage their supply chain to cover the areas described in the HR for health building block. These tools are constantly updated with new ones and also in line with current realities.

Key Questions addressed through the Country Support Package
• What lessons can I learn from other countries and from the private sector? 
• How can I strengthen my leadership skills? 
• How can I build a comprehensive plan to meet all HR issues, not just training? 

These resources can be accessed here: https://www.technet-21.org/iscstrengthening/index.php/en/leadership-documents 

For more information, please contact: [email protected] 


 HR country support package

  1. https://www.technet-21.org/iscstrengthening/index.php/en/leadership-documents

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