1. Angela Hwang
  2. Vaccines & delivery devices
  3. Monday, 24 January 2022

Register now to join thought leaders from GSK, ISGlobal, Oxford University, PATH, Sanaria, WHO, and other institutions in a discussion of:

  • Lessons Learned from a Vaccine without a Dual Market -- from RTS,S Research and Development to Implementation and Distribution
  • Future Malaria Vaccine R&D Consideration

See the announcement for more details and links for agenda and registration.

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Updated speaker list: Richard A. Adegbola, Pedro Alonso, Ashley Birkett, Simon Draper, Mary Hamel, David C. Kaslow, Kim Lee Sim, Rose Leke, Krishnamohan Bharat Mohan, Nicaise Ndembi, Kate O'Brien, Deepali Patel, Regina Rabinovich, Umesh Shaligram and An Vermeersch.

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