Sunday, 14 August 2016
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Dear viewers

“Measles & Rubella (MR) case based surveillance” is being launched to achieve the goals of measles elimination and rubella control. For any vaccine preventable disease, vaccinating routinely with potent vaccine, uniformly throughout the country following a standard schedule is mandatory. For eliminatiing Measles, >95% coverage of first dose on completion of 9 months before 12 months and second dose along with booster dose of DPT and OPV between 16 to 24 months has to be achieved. Private sector is contributing to the vaccination service; % varies between rural and urban, rich and the poor. Our pilot study depicted an alarming gap with regard to 8 selected operational components of routine immunization. We conducted this study for all the antigens of National Immunization Schedule of our country and Karnataka specific as 2 fractional doses of IPV of 0.1ml intradermally administered. But in this post, giving importance to Measles and Rubella, we are sharing our finding with Measles vaccine where in "when to give and how many times to give" itself is known to 17.14 %!!!. Multi-dose Vial Policy / Open vial policy, type of VVM were not responded. But the solutions suggested are practiced in our college; easily operable and can be implemented in a revolutionary way with marginalized financial burden.

Please do view and contribute for further simpler operable solutions to mitigate the gap to save the children especially of elite group.

Best wishes

Holla and Team

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