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Hello All,

In the website for WHO PQ vaccines BCG and Yellow Fever are the two vaccines which have multi dose preparations packaged in ampoules. As soon as we open a mulit-dose ampoule and administer the first dose, we are leaving the remining doses in the ampoule exposed to environment (very often the not so clean undersurface of the vaccine carrier as the opened ampoule is kept in a slit in the top sponge and the VC closed).

Grateful if someone can enlighten me about the safety of this practice and whether there is any evidence comparing relative incidence of AEFI from multi dose vaccines in an ampoule vs. a vial.

Thanks and regards,

Anindya Bose

7 years ago

Dear Boseji

Please find the attached photo.

For the last few years we are receiving 10 dose BCG vaccine in vials with rubber septum covered by a flip bearing VVM30. Reconstituted vaccine remains within the closed vial. With increasing institutional deliveries. In Karnataka >90% BCG vaccination is a part of newborn vaccination along with Hepatitis B birth dose vaccine and Zero OPV at the birthing facility. Reconstituted vaccine is used within 4 hrs.

I have no comments about yellow fever vaccine and this may partially answer your question.



Thnk you, Dr Holla. I was actually exploring the safety of having a multi-dose presentation in ampoules as distinct from having the same vaccine in vials where the septum protects the remaining doses of the vaccine from airborne contamination.

Thankful if any member could enlighten me on this.


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