1. Laura Kallen
  2. Supply chain & logistics
  3. Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Hi all,

I just wrote a blog on PATH's DefeatDD.org called "Getting to 'Mars' with immunization delivery," which I thought might be of interest!

I really enjoyed the recent blockbuster movie,The Martian. Andas a vaccine advocate supporting PATH's advocacy for stronger immunization supply chains project, I drewa parallel between the coordination, planning, and logistics that it would take for NASA to get humans to Mars (as portrayed in the movie) and the coordination, planning, and logistics that it takes to deliver lifesaving vaccines to every community around the world. If we want to reach our "Mars" of reaching every child, everywhere with vaccines, we need to focus on supply chain workers (or "astronauts"), high-tech cold chain equipment (spaceships), and data for decision-making (control centers).

Hope you enjoy. :)



Laura Edison, MPH

Scientific Communications Associate

Vaccine Access and Delivery, PATH

  1. http://www.defeatdd.org/blog/getting-%E2%80%9Cmars%E2%80%9D-immunization-delivery

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