Friday, 17 November 2023
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The new feature of warnings to help safeguarding vaccines is now incorporated into the latest SmartView version.

How it works:

While temperature alarms are standard and widely utilized, Berlinger’s SmartView introduces an additional layer of defense through automated warnings.

Warnings serve as advance indicators, alerting users to the possibility of a temperature excursion, providing valuable time to take corrective action.

Warnings help to proactively manage the cold chain, without waiting until an alarm occurs and staff needs to become responsive to the alarm.

Users have the possibility to define multiple warnings, each set at any preferred temperature. This customization empowers users to tailor the warnings to their specific needs.

The feature of warnings is now accessible, and can unlock the full potential with the Berlinger SmartMonitor SITE L that has been specifically designed for fridge monitoring use, with low operational expenses (and of course PQS prequalified).

How to find it:
• PQS code: E006/087
• Description: Remote Temperature Monitoring Device
• Manufacturer's ref: SmartMonitor SITE L

More information on:

For any questions or inquiries, please contact: [email protected]

Thanks for this interesting post. I am curious about the costs of the Smartview implementation and whether there is any research on its impact in real-life situations of low- and middle-income countries on, for example, vaccine wastage, cost-effectivenness or coverage. 

3 months ago

Hi Xavier,

SmartView is the software component of our Remote Temperatur Monitoring (RTM) solution. It is already being used in various LMICountries, on different continents. The RTM solution has global coverage.

Research has been conducted on the impact of RTMs on vaccine wastage and cost-effectiveness; as manufacturer we don't have the research outcomes, but that is most likely where the TechNet community can direct you in the right direction. GAVI, UNICEF, or WHO (among others) are likely to have study results, showing how remote temperature monitoring reduces vaccine wastage.

Our RTM is very cost effective, as it has been designed from scratch for fridge monitoring. The new feature of warnings comes for free - it is included in the latest release of SmartView.


Question to TechNet colleagues: who can help Xavier with links to research on RTM impact?


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