1. Wendy Prosser
  2. Supply chain & logistics
  3. Thursday, 10 September 2020

With the recent WHO/UNICEF Joint Statement on encouraging greater health commodity supply chain integration for temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals where appropriate, it is now more important than ever to reinforce best storage and handling practices of integrated products. Particularly in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, having cold chain systems that are flexible and agile are necessary in order to deliver comprehensive health services.

This brief provides guidance to national level EPI and maternal health decision makers to help address the low-hanging fruit of including oxytocin in the CCE at the facility level, provides evidence to address perceived barriers to integration, and highlights key consid­erations for successfully integrating oxytocin.

This is one step towards a stronger, more resilient cold chain system to accommodate COVID-19 therapeutics and diagnostics, prepare for catch-up of routine and supplemental immunization activities, as well as build out the utilization of cold chain equipment for essential health services.

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 Thank you for for the valuable information

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Dear Wendy Prosser,
Very informative, good article. Thank you
M.Hamidul Islam
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