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PtD is very pleased to share the newly published 'PtD Namibia Synthesis Report' with members of TechNet-21.

In November 2013, the Minister of Health presented a formal request to the People that Deliver (PtD) Board and member institutions for technical support to develop a sustainable strategy to improve access to health commodities. Led by the government of Namibia and supported by expertise from the People that Deliver Initiative and its members—notably the USAID- and PEPFAR-funded Supply Chain Management System (SCMS) project and CapacityPlus—the PtD-Namibia collaboration sought to understand and improve Namibia’s public sector health supply chain management (SCM) workforce.

The PtD-Namibia collaboration proposed a multifaceted, coordinated response that built on previous assessments and initiatives for the SCM workforce.

Activity 1: Competency mapping of central and regional supply chain staff
Activity 2: Estimating staffing needs at the central medical store and regional medical depots
Activity 3: Rapid Retention Survey of pharmacists and pharmacist assistants and costed retention strategies
Activity 4: Supply Chain Performance Improvement program
Activity 5: Documentation of the collaborative process and sharing of lessons learned

The PtD Namibia Synthesis Report documents the methodology, findings and lessons learnt from PtD’s systematic approach in Namibia with the hope that what has been learnt in Namibia can be applied to other country contexts.

To read the report, please visit:


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